No-Verification Casinos Netherlands

Dutch players nowadays have access to countless casinos. And yet, actually playing in most of them comes with various KYC requirements. These usually boil down to having to submit certain information to the house. That information can be very personal and very sensitive. So it is no wonder that there are many casino lovers in The Netherlands who prefer not to deal with such houses.

However, finding a good alternative to them, a casino which does not require KYC checks, is difficult. That is because it could take you a lot of time to find the house in the first place. Then, the house could turn out not to have such a competitive service. It could also have other issues too. This is where we at come in! We will walk you through everything you need to know about picking the best house for yourself. What's more, we aim to provide you with a couple of great casinos with no ID check requirements. Let's do that right away – here is what some of the best option for no KYC casinos in The Netherlands are:

Best Netherlands Casinos which require no verification for withdrawals

NL Casino name  KYC Verification on deposits/withdrawals Min. Deposit Min. Withdrawal
Zumospin No verification either way €10 €50
LalaBet No ID check required to cash in/out  €5 €10
Betspino None for deposits/withdrawals €20 €40
30 Bet No KYC requirements at all  €10 €20
Bruno casino Not required to deposit or withdraw €10 €50
Qbet Does not perform KYC checks on players €10 €10
Rakoo No KYC check on cashing in or out  €20 €40
Instaspin Depositing or withdrawing requires no KYC  €20 €20
Rakoo Casino

Welcome bonus

€6000 + 100 free spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate


Welcome bonus

200% up to €1000 + 150 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Zumospin casino

Welcome bonus

€450 +250 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

30 Bet

Welcome bonus

€2000 + 40 Super Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate


Welcome bonus

100 Euro + 100 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Manga Casino

Welcome bonus

€300 + 50 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Top Casinos in The Netherlands without KYC checks for withdrawals

We would also like to examine what each one of the houses we listed above has to offer. Here is a more thorough look into these no KYC Dutch casinos:

Zumospin Casino Review

Casino Name  Zumospin
KYC required to open an account? None
Accepted Deposit methods  Credit Cards, Revolut, Bank Transfers, MiFinity, Jeton, Crypto
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Bank Transfer, MiFinity, Crypto

First in our list is Zumospin. This is an online casino which allows Dutch players to open accounts in what feels like mere seconds. All you need to do is submit an email address and pick a password. You don't have to even give your name to the house. And you also don't have to verify that email address either! This might be the most relaxed a casino can be about player verification. And that is not all by a long shot.

Zumospin Casino Review

Once you create your account, it is possible to deposit right away. That can be done with a very low minimum amount of just 10 Euro. Most casinos nowadays demand around 20 EUR to open you an account. The deposit methods you can use are pretty varied. One of the most popular ways to transact with online vendors in the Netherlands is Revolut, which is accepted here. Credit cards can be used as well, and so can Bank transfers. Two e-wallet payment systems are supported, those being MiFinity and Jeton. Finally, you can cash in via crypto as well, which is the case with most no KYC casinos!

We should also mention the issues of the casino, though. The main one is the exceptionally high minimum withdrawal amount. You need to cash out €50 or more, which is five times the minimum deposit. There is no reason for a no verification casino to set such a high minimum. Another, smaller issue is that you have less means of withdrawing. You can only use MiFinity and bank transfers, as well as crypto, to do so. Nevertheless, we believe that Zumospin is still worth checking out, if you are after a no ID check NL casino. Just be mindful of the high minimum withdrawal amount!

Zumospin casino

Online since: 2023


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LalaBet Casino Review

Casino Name  LalaBet
KYC required to open an account? No KYC required
Accepted Deposit methods  Credit cards, Jeton, Crypto 
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Jeton, Credit Cards, Crypto

LalaBet is another great choice for any player from The Netherlands. It does not require you to submit any personal information, or documents to sign up. All you need to do is provide the casino with an email as well as your two names. Then, you can start playing its games right away! The casino is quite good in general, too. For instance, we are quite fond of its payment policies. Let's take a look at what those look like:

LalaBet Casino Review

Firstly, depositing with LalaBet is possible via three payment methods. Those are credit cards, the Jeton e-wallet and various crypto assets. All three are among the favorite means of Dutch players of transacting with casinos! Admittedly though, there are certain houses where it is possible to use more payment methods to top up your account. What deserves a special mention is the minimum deposit amount. LalaBet is a crypto-friendly casino. Such houses tend to place their minimum deposit requirements very low. That is the case here as well, with a €5 minimum for some of the accepted cryptocurrencies!

Withdrawing is also possible without needing to submit any of your personal information. This does speed up the process significantly! You can use the same three methods of payment. The time it takes your money to be reflected in your account will depend on which of the three you are cashing out with. For instance, Jeton transfers are pretty much instant. Credit cards can be slower, and take up to a day or two. That is not the fault of the casino in any case, though. The processing times depend on the payment provider alone. The minimum amounts you can cash out from LalaBet are also pretty low as well, as they have been set to 10 Euro.


Online since: 2023


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Betspino Casino Review

Casino Name  Betspino
KYC required to open an account? None whatsoever
Accepted Deposit methods  Astropay, Credit Cards, GooglePay, Jeton, Revolut or Crypto
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Astropay, Credit Cards, GooglePay, Jeton, Revolut or Crypto

Betspino is a new online casino and sportsbook which opened its virtual doors in 2023. Despite this, it feels like the house has already made a name for itself in The Netherlands. It is very popular with Dutch players, in particular ones who are looking for non KYC casinos to play in! The fast and straightforward sign up process is just one of the many reasons why that is. It takes a minute or two to make an account with the casino from scratch. Additionally, you don't need to supply it with any of your sensitive information – just the bare minimum! That is your name, e-mail address and phone number.

Betspino Casino Review

Having opened your account, you will find thousands of games here. However, to play them, you need to top up said account first. Doing so can be done with a minimum deposit of just 20 EUR. The said deposit can be performed in a variety of popular means. Notably, you can use GooglePay, a convenient e-wallet often preferred by Dutch players, or Revolut. Astropay is also a possible e-wallet choice, and so is Jeton. Credit cards can be used alongside crypto. The means of deposit can all be used to cash out as well.

Speaking of cashing out, the house requires you to withdraw at least 40 Euro. That is not really great, but it is the only notable flaw of Betspino. Besides, there are two houses on our list with even higher minimums. Either way, withdrawing from the casino is very simple, because of the lack of KYC processes to deal with. Once you are done playing, you can just head to its Cashier page. As long as you have the required amount, you can easily cash out! The amount of time it takes for your withdrawal to be processed will depend on the specific payment method. Realistically, significant delays can only be present with credit card withdrawals.

Betspino Casino

Online since: 2023


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30 Bet Casino Review

Casino Name  30 Bet
KYC required to open an account? No checks performed on Dutch players
Accepted Deposit methods  Credit Cards, CashLib, BankTransfers, FlexePin, Jeton, MiFinity, Crypto
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Bank Transfer, MiFinity, Jeton or Crypto 

30 Bet allows access to a great range of casino games to play and sports to bet on. What's more important, though, is the straightforward and fast sign up process. Compared to the other casinos on our list, this one has two additional requirements. First, you need to complete a CAPTCHA if you wish to sign up. That does not have anything to do with KYC, but is an interesting requirement. Secondly, you need to verify the phone number you have submitted with the casino. Now that is actually a form of an identity check. However, it is far from the checks players tend to try and avoid. It can be completed in seconds, as soon as you receive the verification SMS from the casino.

30 Bet Casino Review

Once you do that, however, you will quickly find out why Dutch players love the casino! There are many great deposit methods with it – from credit cards, to Crypto, and everything in between. We should also mention that the minimum deposit you need to start playing is just €10 for most of these payment methods. We said most and not all, because crypto deposits require you to cash in 25 EUR at least. That single exception does make some sense, because of how volatile cryptocurrencies can be.

On the other hand, withdrawing from the casino requires the same amount – €20 for all available methods. Those methods are also less than the means of deposit you could use. There are Jeton, MiFinity, bank transfers and crypto.

We should mention that the time it takes for the bank transfers to be cleared is up to three business days. That is because the banks processing them take a bit longer. The other three methods should be as close to instant as possible, though. In general, they take just a couple of minutes at most.

30 Bet

Online since: 2023


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Bruno Casino Review

Casino Name  Bruno Casino
KYC required to open an account? Does not perform ID checks 
Accepted Deposit methods  Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Revolut, ApplePay, Jeton, MiFinity, CashLib and Crypto 
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Bank Transfers, Jeton, Crypto 

Another house from under the same management as Zumospin, Bruno Casino is also quite relaxed about its regulation. The house allows Dutch players to sign up with just their email address. They don't have to share as much as their names, or phone numbers! What's even better, it is possible to withdraw without having to deal with any additional verification.

Bruno Casino Reviewn

The ways of cashing in to the house are pretty varied. There are, for instance, bank transfers and credit card payments you can use. CashLib prepaid cards, the Jeton and MiFinity e-wallets and even crypto are some of the other accepted means of depositing. However, Revolut and ApplePay are probably the most commonly used means of deposit with the house, though. The minimum deposit requirement is just €10. As for the withdrawal conditions of Bruno Casino, they are a bit more limited.

You can only cash out via a bank transfer, Jeton or a crypto token. There is also a higher minimum withdrawal limit of 50 EUR to deal with. Those aren't really deal-breaking issues, but you should be aware of them before cashing in. Additionally, the withdrawal times on Jeton and Crypto payments will be instant, or as long as a couple of minutes. On the other hand, bank transfers can take a couple of days, as we already mentioned!

On another note, what's unique about the casino is the fact it has its own mobile app. What's great about that app is the fact you can use it to play your favorite games on the go. It has been designed with mobile users in mind. Be it an Android or an IOS device, or even as a plug-in for your browser, the app is a great tool for any player. You can even use it to perform deposits and withdrawals, too!

Bruno casino

Online since: 2021


Qbet Casino Review

Casino Name  Qbet
KYC required to open an account? Submitting documents is not required 
Accepted Deposit methods  Astropay, Bank transfer, MiFinity, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Crypto
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Astropay, Bank transfer, MiFinity, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Crypto

Qbet was launched in The Netherlands in 2022, and has been offering its services since. It is an online casino and sportsbook with a proven track record at this point. What's more, it is a great place for the privacy minded player! It does not collect any information on you besides a phone number, an email and your names. You also need to submit your physical address, but you don't have to verify it. The only downside to playing at Qbet might be the requirement to verify your phone number it places on players.

Qbet Casino Review

Now, it's true that there are certain casinos out there without such requirements. However, all you need to do is enter a verification code during the signup process. The code will be sent to your phone number in a minute or two at most. So it adds that much to signing up!

And once you've signed up, you will be able to cash in with a ton of different deposit methods. What's unique about this house, in our list so far, is that it accepts PayPal. But besides that, you can also use the MiFinity, Astropay, Neteller and Skrill e-wallets. Paysafecard is also available, and so is crypto. Withdrawing is possible via all of these options, too, with one exception. Since Paysafecard is a prepaid e-voucher, you will not be able to use it to cash out.

However, you can generally expect that to be the case regardless of where you are playing! The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are both set to €10. As you can imagine, this places the casino in a very competitive spot. The processing times for cashing out are also going to be instant for most methods. The only exception can be bank transfers, as we already explained.


Online since: 2022


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Rakoo Casino Review

Casino Name  Rakoo
KYC required to open an account? No KYC requirements in place 
Accepted Deposit methods  MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Revolut, Jeton, MiFinity or Crypto 
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Bank Transfers, MiFinity, Crypto

Rakoo is a new online casino, launched in 2023. It has a Warrior or a Viking theme, and a very cool website design. A fun theme which a house is dedicated to is usually indicative of a high level of quality for its services. That is the case here, too! More importantly, signing up is incredibly straightforward. There is nothing asked from the player in terms of verification. And the data collected by the house on you is also incredibly limited.

Rakoo Casino Review

To open an account, you need to submit your email address and pick a password. That is really the extent of what you need to be able to play! Once you do create the account, you can cash in instantly. This is possible via a good range of payment methods. MasterCard, but no Visa cards are accepted. So are bank transfers and Revolut. It's worth noting that Rakoo has a couple of accounts in Dutch banks like IGN. This means that depositing from a domestic account in The Netherlands is going to be faster and cheaper than such transactions tend to be. Besides these options, you can always use MiFinity or Jeton to deposit. Crypto transfers are accepted, as well.

Overall, we are quite impressed with the payment policies of this casino. The minimum deposit is just 20 Euro, too! That feels just right, and is just as much as most houses demand of their players. Furthermore, the casino features an acceptable minimum withdrawal amount. This is set to twice the min. deposit, €40. While we would have preferred to have both amounts be the lower sum of the two, this is not really a significant issue. We believe most players can easily overlook it, and that playing at Rakoo is worth doing so!

Rakoo Casino

Online since: 2023


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Instaspin Casino Review

Casino Name  Instaspin
KYC required to open an account? No verification requirements 
Accepted Deposit methods  Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, MiFinity, Crypto
Accepted Withdrawal methods  Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, MiFinity, Crypto

Instaspin is a house which really lives up to its name. That is because signing up there and getting to spin its online Slots is as close to instant as possible! To do so, you need to supply the casino with your email address and name. You also need to pick a password, and that's all!

Instaspin Casino Review

Depositing is possible right after you make your account. Admittedly, the number of payment methods is not that large. There are credit cards, direct bank transfers, MiFinity and various crypto tokens you can use. The range of crypto assets being accepted here is pretty great, though. You can cash in using major coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, as well as a couple of altcoins. Either way, depositing with this casino requires a pretty small amount of money – just 20 EUR.

And withdrawing is also possible with the same low minimum. What's more, the bank transfers you can use with the house are going to be much faster than you can expect. Instaspin is one of the few Dutch online casinos which use Open Banking protocols. This means your transfers are processed without any delay or fees on your end. Open Banking is a promising new way for houses to process their players' transactions, and we can't wait to see it embraced more widely by houses in The Netherlands!

Instaspin Casino

Online since: 2024


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The basics of no ID casinos in the Netherlands

No ID casinos, no verification casinos, no KYC casinos, are three ways to refer to the same type of house. These are simply casinos which do not collect certain information on players, as we said at the start. But why is it necessary for such info to be collected in the first place?

Well, there are some good reasons why houses might want to check up on who you actually are. Most of them have to do with preventing minors, or money from criminal activities from finding their ways to casinos. It is also sometimes necessary to perform a KYC check, so that the houses comply with various legal requirements.

However, even though these are some legitimate aims, ID checks can be a big inconvenience to the player! From a security standpoint, submitting official documents online can be risky. In the case of a data breach, or a data leak, vital information on who you are, where you live and how you pay can be obtained by hackers. And what's more, KYC checks can take a significant amount of time. So, it can be a while before you can play. We should not overlook the fact that some casinos also use these verifications as a tool against the player, to delay their withdrawals. All in all, we definitely understand your point of view if you are trying to avoid these checks.

But how can you determine whether a no verification casino is actually a good place to bet in? Here are some tried and true tips and tricks, from your fellow NL players:

Betting in no KYC casinos: Tips and tricks from Dutch players

  1. Consider that you might need to verify your account

    Even though the casinos we have mentioned so far do not have mandatory KYC checks, they all reserve the right to perform such verification. This is the case with any online casino nowadays. So, there is no way to know that you will not have to verify your account at some point. Make sure you keep that in mind, as that is a very realistic situation you can find yourself in!

  2. Find reviews for no verification casinos

    The best way to find a great casino is to browse review websites, like this one. There are new houses which launch every day, and said websites catalog and rank them. It is important to make sure the reviews are written with the Netherlands player in mind. Otherwise, you can end up in a casino which is closed in your country! Additionally, checking out a second review website is a good idea, to get a second opinion.

  3. When possible, play with licensed casinos

    Licensed casinos are generally safer than their unregulated counterparts. The houses we recommended to you were all subject to some sort of regulation. What's more, licensed houses tend to offer Dutch players additional benefits. These are responsible gambling options and certifiably fair games. We will touch on both of these a bit later on in our article!

  4. Ask your friends

    If any of your friends have played in the casino, ask them how it went! One of the best tools of any gambler is the sentiment of their community towards the house. In addition, personal accounts tend to better reflect the downsides of casinos in particular. So that's why the opinion of other players from The Netherlands is so important!

  5. Decide on how much you want to cash in

    It might sound weird, but the size of the deposit you might want to make matters in whether you will have to deal with a KYC check. That is because some houses require verification for deposits over a certain size. Make sure you check the Terms and Conditions of the casino for any such clauses.

  6. Pick your deposit method carefully

    Certain means of depositing tend to require less verification than others. For instance, crypto is most often used by players who are looking to deposit and play in no KYC casinos. It might be a good idea to get familiar with what these payment methods are. Of course, we will also cover the ones most commonly used by other Dutch players, too!

Documents (1)

What kind of documents do I have to submit with casinos in The Netherlands?

As we said above, you might always be required to verify your identity, with any casino. So, you might be wondering: What kind of information do Dutch casinos really demand of me? Well, the two aspects of your identity you would generally be asked to verify are who you are and where your money comes from. That is what casinos need to establish, in order to achieve the two goals we mentioned before. Those are preventing minors from gambling, and stopping financial crime. Here is what documents will be collected of you in either case:

  • Documents which establish your source of funds: You might be asked to show the casino a pay slip, which you have received from your employer. If you are depositing from a bank account, you might need to present a bank statement. This is a document you can get from your bank, which points to you as the owner of the account. Similarly, if you cashed in with a credit card, you might need to take pictures of both sides of the card and submit them.
  • Identifying documents: You might be expected to take pictures of government issued personal documents. Firstly, you can be asked to certify your identity. That is done via your very own Nederlandse identiteitskaart, or your rijbewijs (Driver's license), if you have one. Note that these documents have to be valid, i.e., not expired. Also, all four corners of the documents need to be visible. The front and back sides of the cards need to be photographed, too, not just the front. You might also need to provide the casino with proof of your address. That can be done by taking a picture of a phone or utility bill you have recently received.
If I play in a Dutch casino which requires KYC, how would that go_

If I play in a Dutch casino which requires KYC, how would that go?

Generally, if the casino demands you to verify your identity, the process is fairly simple. All you need to do is submit the information it demands and wait around until it is sufficiently verified. Of course, that can be very slow. Some houses have clauses in their Terms and Conditions, which specify how long the process can take.

And among these clauses, we often see some truly outrageous timeframes. It is not uncommon at all for a house to claim that verification takes it up to 30 days. Worse still, there are casinos out there which do not actually specify that timeframe. So you might find yourself waiting around without even knowing how long it will take! As we said, sometimes casinos employ long verification times as a stalling tactic.

Overall, though, we should mention that, in most cases, the process takes a day or two at most. Then, the casino will process your withdrawal, or the deposit which requires that verification. Still, that might be too long, if you want to cash out fast!

Table of contents

The different types of no KYC casinos in The Netherlands

The different types of no KYC casinos in The Netherlands

Players from the Netherlands have access to several types of no verification casinos. Let's take a brief look at what those are, as well as a couple of examples:

NL Crypto casinos without verification

As we mentioned before, Crypto is inseparable from no verification casinos! So there is no wonder that most such houses are crypto friendly. Here is which of these houses, available in The Netherlands accept the most digital assets:

Casino Name Accepted Tokens   Min. Deposit 
Volt Slot BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, USDT; €20
Corgi Slot BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, USDT; €20
Boomerang Bet BNB, BTC, BCH, USDT, DOGE, ETH, TRX; €20

No KYC Casinos which accept FIAT deposits in The Netherlands

As popular as crypto is when it comes to depositing with no KYC casinos, FIAT currencies are still king! So, let's take a look at a list of the best NL no verification casinos which accept such payment methods:

No KYC casino Payment methods it accepts
Dux Casino Credit Cards, Jeton, Skrill; 
Pino Casino Neteller, Skrill, Credit Cards, Jeton
Manga Casino Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Astro Pay, CashToCode, FlexePin, Jeton, eZeeWallet, MiFinity, Crypto
Octo Casino  Skrill, Credit Cards, Jeton 
B7 Casino Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Astro Pay, CashLib, CashToCode, NodaPay, Jeton, eZeeWallet, MiFinity, Crypto, Revolut

Instant withdrawal Dutch casinos without KYC checks

Every player loves cashing out fast. And there are some casinos in the Netherlands which tend to process withdrawals instantly, without verification. However, you should know that instant withdrawals are a bit misleading as a term. It is always possible for an online gambling house to delay its payouts. This is because there are sometimes factors outside of the control of the casino which impact them. Still, let's take a look at the best houses which offer that kind of service without ID checks:

  • 0x.Bet: No ID, instant crypto withdrawals
  • Manga Casino: Instant FIAT and digital asset cashouts
  • Brutal Casino: Up to 24 hour payouts, crypto cashouts in minutes
  • Volt Slot: Payouts within 1-3 hours
  • Dux Casino: Instant cashouts for all payment options

No ID check casinos with the highest bonuses for Dutch players

Players are always on the lookout for great bonuses. And, luckily, NL casinos offer them! No KYC is required to deposit and claim the following massive promotions:

  • Volt Slot: First Deposit Bonus of up to €1000 + 100 FS
  • CorgiSlot: €1000 Welcome Package with 50 FS
  • LalaBet: Generous Welcome bonus up to €1000
  • Dux Casino: Welcome package of up to €500 + 150 FS
  • Maga Casino: €300 Welcome Bonus

NL Casinos which process withdrawals without KYC checks

Aside from the casinos we mentioned at the start of our article, there are a couple more Dutch online gambling houses without KYC requirements for withdrawals. Let's take a look:

  • Octo Casino: Fast and convenient cash outs
  • KYC-free withdrawals
  • B7Casino: No ID check on withdrawals

Online casinos in The Netherlands which don't do ID checks on deposits

Let's also take a look at a couple of the Dutch casinos which allow you to deposit without needing to pass a KYC check. Here is a list of those:

Let's also take a look at a couple of the Dutch casinos which allow you to deposit without needing to pass a KYC check. Here is a list of those:

  • LalaBet: Seamless deposits without any hassle
  • Pino Casino: Hassle-free, quick ingoing payments
  • Brutal Casino: No KYC check on deposits in any form

What are Dutch Fast and Easy verification casinos?

Fast and Easy verification casinos are what we call certain houses in the Netherlands. They do require players to submit their personal information in certain circumstances. However, the process for verifying that said information is very streamlined. This means you can avoid the main downside of having to wait around for hours to see if your account gets approved or not. At the same time, these fast and easy casinos can even be better than no KYC houses. They offer a higher degree of safety for their players, comply with regulations better and keep minors out!

But how is it possible for these casinos to examine your documents faster than their peers? Well, it all comes down to two things. First, they make the steps you need to take clear. This means providing you with clear and detailed instructions on what the casino wants you to do. Second, they tend to automate the process. For instance, if the casino needs to perform a check on your ID, it needs to verify your name and birth date. It also needs to verify the expiry date of the document. That is normally done by an employee of the casino. However, certain houses have started using automated algorithms to do that. This is the future of casino verification.

Here is a list of the best Fast and Easy verification casinos in the Netherlands:

  • Volt Slot: Same Day KYC approval
  • Manga Casino: Fast and convenient verification process
  • Corgi Slot: Easy and understandable KYC process

What are the best Deposit methods in The Netherlands for no KYC Casinos

Certain payment methods are better if you are trying to avoid dealing with KYC processes. Consequently, the odds of them being accepted in no verification casinos are generally higher! Let's go over what some of these methods are, as well as their downsides and advantages:


Prepaid Cards/Gift Cards

One of the most convenient ways of depositing to online casinos is via prepaid cards. This payment method is a bit like using cash to deposit with them. Once you have a card, you can cash it in without needing to reveal much of your identity. Two of the most popular prepaid card issuers in The Netherlands are CashLib and CashToCode, though there are plenty of other options as well. However, we should also mention that prepaid cards have certain disadvantages.

For one, you might need to go out and buy the card, which will make cashing in take longer. Secondly, you might have to deal with lower maximum deposit limits. That depends on the card you are using, but usually, casinos do not accept more than €300-500 via this payment method. Also, you cannot withdraw via the card. It can only be used to cash in.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether


Crypto deposits solve a lot of the issues of prepaid cards, while also having a lot of issues of their own. The benefits of using crypto come with the incredibly high level of anonymity. Most non KYC casinos in the Netherlands offer them as an option. Also, if you deposit via crypto, you will commonly have a lower minimum deposit amount, and a higher maximum. We've seen houses take as little as 1 EUR for deposits and allow you to cash in over ten thousand euro at the same time, as a maximum. These are the main reasons why crypto is so well-regarded as a payment method! However, there are also a couple of issues, too.

Cryptocurrencies are pretty volatile. This means depositing a certain amount of money with them might mean you can cash out less when you are done playing, because of the price fluctuating. There are also miner fees which are associated with depositing via crypto as well. Every transaction on the blockchain is processed by a crypto miner. The fees are their reward for clearing the transactions, but it's up to the player to cover them. Finally, crypto is a bit more complex than other payment methods.

This means certain players might not be able to cash in with it as easily.

Open Banking Solutions

Open Banking Solutions

We have mentioned Open banking above, and we do believe it is the future of payments. That is because Open Banking protocols connect the player's and the casino's bank accounts directly. Transactions done that way are automatic. Also, they don't have the long processing times players associate with conventional bank transfers.

Usually, casinos allow players to cash in around €10-€20 that way, with a high maximum deposit in the thousands. A popular open banking protocol in The Netherlands is NodaPay, and you might have even already used it.

The downside of these solutions is that they have yet to be embraced by casinos at large. Out of all the houses we covered, we saw only one or two accept them! However, as time goes by we are sure they will become more and more popular!

Pros and Cons of Dutch No Verification casinos at a glance

There are tons of advantages to playing in a Dutch no KYC casino, and we've mentioned them already. Let's now summarize said advantages, as well as the several downsides of no verification casinos:

Pros of No Verification casinos

  • Respect for your privacy: No KYC casinos respect the fact you might not want to reveal who you are to play their games.
  • No way for the house to delay payouts: Some ill-reputable houses hold your funds hostage until you complete their long and drawn out verification.
  • Higher level of security for personal data: The best way to keep your personal information protected is to not share it in the first place!
  • Faster Account Opening: As there is no need to bother with long and drawn out KYC procedures, you can play faster.
  • Less limits on deposits: Casinos which do not require verification usually accept higher deposits, making them perfect for high-rollers.
  • Faster Transactions: Cashing in and out is faster, since it lets you withdraw without having to wait around for the KYC check to pass.


Cons of No Verification Casinos

  • Less strict regulation: Most no ID check casinos are still licensed, but in jurisdictions with a less strict approach to regulation. This means you might have less options in a potential dispute with the house.
  • Shady activities: Some casinos which do not require KYC checks can become fertile grounds for money laundering to take place.
  • No protection for minors: The biggest issue with no verification casinos is that they cannot prevent underage people from playing there. If you are underage, please do not go to the casinos we have covered so far. At we are firmly against minors playing! The rules against that are placed for a good reason!


red flags

What are some red flags in NL casinos without verification?

The lack of strict licenses with no ID check casinos, which we mentioned in their cons above, means you need to be careful! The house can turn out to be problematic, so let's take a look at a couple of red flags of such problematic casinos. Staying out of these houses can save you time and money, so make sure you look out for the following:

  • Unpolished website: The website of an online casino can tell you a lot about whether the house is worthwhile! For example, if it looks hastily done, then the services of the casino will probably not be great. If the casino cannot give enough attention to detail to make its own website stand out, there's no reason to believe it will pay any attention to the player's complaints and needs!
  • Missing or unclear Terms and Conditions: One of the most common issues with unreliable casinos is the lack of legal documentation. The Terms and Conditions of any house you can play in is an incredibly important document. It outlines what the payment policies of the house are, how you can get and cash out bonuses and much more. Not having it available means the casino can introduce new conditions and hoops to jump through, if you are trying to withdraw!
  • Fake licenses: We are not trying to imply that unlicensed casinos are always a bad sign. There are some great houses which are upfront about their lack of regulation, and that is fair enough! What we are talking about are unlicensed casinos which pretend to be regulated somewhere. They are trying to deceive the player into believing the house is more trustworthy, which is a major red flag!
  • Bad reception: Be it among other players in the Netherlands, or review websites, if the casino has a negative sentiment in the gambling community, avoid it! If there is a track record of players having certain issues when cashing in or out of the house, you will most likely experience the same treatment!

Author's notes on no KYC casinos in The Netherlands

Hi! The casinos I opened accounts with for the purpose of writing this article all left great impressions in me. With their vibrant and uniquely designed websites, their fast sign-up and their competitive payment policies, one thing quickly became obvious to me. Dutch players really have one of the widest and most reliable ranges of online casinos nowadays. I have covered many other jurisdictions, but this one really stood out! The Netherlands seems to be one of the best places to play in casinos without verification requirements.

responsible gambling

What are the responsible gambling options Dutch players have with no verification casinos?

Responsible gambling is always a top priority for us at And, some no KYC casinos, which are licensed, tend to offer players certain responsible gambling options. These houses are generally licensed outside of the Netherlands, of course. We greatly recommend playing with regulated houses over unlicensed ones.

Secondly, the specific measures which casinos must take to ensure responsible gambling vary, based on who has licensed them. Most of them hold licenses in Curacao, though , and the Curacao Gambling Board requires they offer you the following ways to keep your gambling in control:

  • Every Dutch player who deals with a licensed casino can expect to have access to certain self-exclusion measures. For instance, if you feel like you are losing control of your spending, you can always set custom deposit limits. You can even close down your account, should you feel like that is necessary! It is important to keep in mind that you have access to these features at any time, if you are playing with a licensed house.
  • Secondly, there is always a way to get help if you need it. With licensed houses, that means useful resources on what problem gambling can look like. There are plenty of gamblers' organizations out there which you can find online as well.
  • Finally, if you feel like you need urgent help, the Dutch government has a special telephone helpline. You can dial 113 to connect to this crisis line.

FAQs from Dutch players about No ID check Casinos

We often get certain questions from players in The Netherlands who bet in no verification casinos, or are interested in doing so. Let's take a look at some of them and answer them:

Are the games in Dutch no KYC casinos fair?


Yes, as long as they are by a licensed Game supplier! A Game supplier is behind everything you can play, but not all of these casino software developers are the same. Some are more trustworthy because they are regulated. This means their games have undergone extensive testing which certifies the outcomes of said games are fair.

Can I get more bonuses in casinos without ID checks?


There is not really a difference between the bonuses of the two types of houses. Both of them offer players in the Netherlands respectable bonus offerings. There is not any reason to believe one of them is more or less generous.

Can I play my favorite slots in no verification casinos?


What games are available with a casino depends on which Game Suppliers the house has partnered with. That said, no verification casinos tend to have similar libraries to their counterparts!

What do I do if a casino declines my withdrawal?


If the casino declines to process your withdrawal, contact its support immediately. Be ready to verify your account, because you might have reached the maximum you can deposit or withdraw before doing so. Declined withdrawals are usually resolved, and are also usually due to benign reasons rather than the house trying to defraud you.

Are No KYC casinos in The Netherlands crypto-friendly?


Yes, nearly all no verification casinos which accept Dutch players also allow them to deposit via crypto. As we said, crypto is among the most popular ways to cash in with such casinos in the first place!



After having covered so many aspects of the interesting world of no KYC casinos, we hope that we have given you everything you need to know about them. If you are curious about playing there, don't hesitate to check out one of the options we recommended. However, as we mentioned, they do require a higher level of attention, so please make sure you stay safe when betting!

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Last Updated: March 6, 2024

Adam Richards is a seasoned expert in the online gaming industry, with over a decade of experience in reviewing and analyzing online casinos. As the co-founder of, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, focusing on providing players with insights into the best online casinos that offer hassle-free withdrawals without verification. His commitment to transparency and player empowerment has established him as a trusted authority in the casino review space.