No Verification Casinos in New Zealand

Casinos without verification are always a hot topic in the online gambling community. In New Zealand, players who seek out such houses do so because of the higher amount of privacy which they allow. Also, casinos without KYC checks are usually able to provide fast and simpler sign-ups, as well as accept deposits without any delay.

There is, however, more to the discussion. Such houses have a couple of downsides, too. For instance, they have less strict regulation over them. This means players need to be more vigilant when picking a no ID check house to play in!

The following article is dedicated to helping you learn everything there is to know about which no verification casinos are available to Kiwi players. We will examine what the verification process means, what the downsides and advantages of no KYC casinos are, and more. For now, however, we'd like to highlight the best houses which do not perform ID checks on NZ players' withdrawals. Here's an outline of what those houses are:

Top no ID check withdrawal casinos NZ

Casino name Verification required on sign-up? NZD accepted?  Min. Deposit/withdrawal
Stay Casino No KYC required Yes NZD 20/ NZD 20
Richard Casino No ID check on signup Yes, NZD accounts available NZD 20/ NZD 10
SG Casino Does not require player ID checks NZD/EUR accounts available NZD 20/ NZD 20
Rabona KYC not necessary Both NZD and EUR accepted NZD 20/ NZD 20
Zotabet No Verification to sign up NZD account available NZD 20/ NZD 20
Leon bet Not required Yes NZD 1 / NZD 5 No ID check on sign-up NZD is accepted NZD 20/ NZD 20
Casinia Not required to pass a KYC check NZD accounts available NZD 20/ NZD 20

Which are the best no KYC withdrawal casinos in New Zealand?

Now, let's take a closer look into each of the houses and what their services are, from the point of view of the player in New Zealand:

Stay Casino Review

Casino Name: Stay Casino
Online Since: 2021
Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, PaysafeCard, NeoSurf, FlexePin, Skrill, MiFinity, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Bank Transfer, MiFinity, Skrill, Crypto

The first no KYC withdrawal NZ casino we would like to mention is called Stay Casino. It has a pretty cozy theme, and the owners of the house will do their best to keep you playing there, true to the casino's name. Be it via its bonuses, player-friendly deposit policies, or the great deal of games which are available, there's tons of things to love about this house.

Stay Casino Review

More importantly, it is very respectful of its players' privacy! The casino does not require you to pass any KYC checks to cash in or out. What's more, the amount of information you need to share to open an account is very low. You just need to enter a valid email and pick a password. This is the absolute minimum, as the house does not even ask for your name!

Aside from that, there's tons of convenient means of cashing in to the casino. These include three e-vouchers, called PaysafeCard, NeoSurf and Flexepin, which are great for privacy-minded players. The minimum deposit is just 20 New Zealand Dollars, too, which is great. Aside from them, you can always cash in via Crypto. If you are looking to protect your privacy while paying, there's hardly a better option out there! E-wallets and credit cards can also be used.

Withdrawing is also quite straightforward. You can do so via e-wallets, as well as crypto, with a minimum of NZ$ 20. However, if you have used a credit card or e-voucher, you'll need to withdraw via a bank transfer. And cashing out via a bank transfer does demand a fair bit more money. You need 300 New Zealand dollars to perform a bank transfer. These transfers are a bit more difficult and slow on average, so it makes sense to have a higher asking price from the casino's point of view. Still, the higher withdrawal minimum is something players should be aware of, before cashing in via e-voucher or credit card!

Stay Casino

Online since: 2021


Richard Casino Review

Casino Name: Richard Casino
Online Since: 2023
Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, MiFinity, Skrill, NeoSurf, FlexePin, PaysafeCard, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Bank Transfer, Skrill, MiFinity, Crypto

Richard Casino operates from a very stylish website with a deep and rich green background. And even though it was launched relatively recently, in 2023, we believe the house to be a top pick for Kiwis who are looking for no ID checks on withdrawals! Richard casino does not perform them, of course. But what also deserves a nod is the relative ease with which the casino is able to open you an account in the first place.

Richard Casino Review

Since there's no need to pass any long-winded KYC processes, opening said accounts takes minutes at most. The player needs to provide the house with the absolute minimum amount of information. Once again, that is their email address. Names, birthdays and phone numbers are not required to open an account or cash in.

Speaking of cashing in, that is also very easy to do. There's a fairly low entry cost requirement of 20 NZ Dollars. We generally see casinos demand about as much. Next, there are e-voucher payments, for players who prefer to not have to disclose a lot of payment info. There's also crypto, much in the same vein. In addition to those, the house accepts many e-wallets and credit cards.

As before, cashing in via credit card or e-voucher will mean you need to perform a bank transfer as a withdrawal. And, just like before, the casino has a higher minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers, too. This is set to NZD 100, which is a fair bit lower than 300 New Zealand Dollars, but it's still worth keeping in mind. Crypto withdrawals can be performed, too, with a minimum size of 20 NZ Dollars. The same is true about the other means of cashing out as well, the Skrill and MiFinity e-wallets. With such player-friendly payment policies and no need for KYC checks, we can easily recommend Richard Casino!

Richard Casno

Online since: 2023


SG Casino Review

Casino Name: SG Casino
Online Since: 2023
Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, Payz, CashToCode, FlexePin, NeoSurf, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, MiFinity, MuchBetter, EcoPayz, Jeton, Crypto

Another relative newcomer to the New Zealand online gambling scene, SG Casinos really impressed us with its player-friendly design. This sportsbook and Casino allows you to browse its massive catalog of things to bet on effortlessly. You can also easily preview the payment methods which are available, even without opening an account. And, of course, opening said account is also made incredibly easy!

SG Casino Review

We should mention, though, that the sign-up process here does require you to submit a bit more personal information than some of the other houses on our list. For instance, you have to give the casino your name and address, a phone number and your birthday. Of course, you don't have to submit any documentation in order to prove any of that. So, opening an account is just slightly longer than it is with the previous two casinos. And nevertheless, it is still quite simple!

The range of payment methods available is truly staggering. Pretty much any staple of depositing with online casinos is available here! Not to mention how low the minimum deposit requirement is. You can cash in just 20 NZ Dollars with any of these accepted payment methods! Among them are CashToCode, FlexePin, as well as NeoSurf – three popular e-vouchers. You could also use credit cards to deposit, or one of the many e-wallets. Said e-wallets include Skrill, MiFinity, Jeton, but also MuchBetter and Neteller. Of course, all the major crypto coins which casinos tend to accept are available here as well – from BTC and USDT to DOGE and more!

Withdrawing is possible via almost all of these payment methods. The only exception is e-vouchers, which cannot be used to cash out! But credit cards, crypto and e-wallets are all valid methods of withdrawal from SG Casino. They have the same minimum amount of just NZ$ 20, too, which is great.

SG Casino

Online since: 2023


Rabona Casino Review

Casino Name: Rabona
Online Since: 2019
Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, Payz, CashToCode, NeoSurf, FlexePin Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, MiFinity, MuchBetter, EcoPayz, Jeton, Crypto

Rabona is a casino which has been around for five years at the time of writing. All this time, it has been offering players in New Zealand who don't want to deal with extensive and annoying KYC checks a simple account opening process.

Rabona Casino Review

During the process, you just need to fill out a couple of fields which contain basic information about yourself. Among them are your name, birthday, physical address, email and phone number. Of course, you wouldn't be required to verify any of that info – otherwise, the casino would not be on this list! In total, it took us just a couple of minutes to complete the whole registration process. It was quite straightforward, and we were immediately given the option to deposit afterwards.

The range of payment methods is, as always with these casinos, very impressive. One thing in particular which we like about the house is how many e-wallets there are. These e-wallets are one of the preferred payment systems of Kiwis. And here, there is a lot of choice you have, between Neteller, Skrill or MuchBetter. Additionally, you could use Jeton and MiFinity, or Payz – some of the most widely accepted e-wallets with casinos these days. Of course, crypto payments and no less than three e-voucher options are also available. Not to mention that credit cards can also be used here. All of these robust payment methods have the same minimum deposit requirement of just 20 NZ Dollars!

Withdrawing is also exceptionally simple. Needless to say, you don't need to pass any verification to cash out, and there are a lot of different methods you could use. Once again, you can withdraw via any of the deposit methods, minus the e-vouchers. If you have used those, you will need to perform a bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal for any of the available options is just NZD 20, as much as the deposit requirement. That's great!

Rabona Casino

Online since: 2019


Zotabet Casino Review

Casino Name: Zotabet
Online Since: 2022
Accepted payment methods: Google Pay, PaysafeCard, MiFinity, Skrill, Credit Card, NeoSurf, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Bank Transfer, Skrill, MiFinity, Crypto

Zotabet is a casino with an interesting logo. In it, there is a casino chip with a picture of an ostrich, or perhaps an emu on it. Either way, flightless birds, native to New Zealand, seem to hint at the casino's dedication to the player from there! We also appreciate the design of said website as a whole. It is incredibly simple to navigate, and signing up takes a couple of seconds.

Zotabet Casino Review

During this account opening process, you are not required to give out any of your information, besides an email address. Of course, you also need to pick a password to be able to sign in, but the house will not demand any details of you after that is done.

Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that the casino accepts deposits from 20 NZ Dollars. This is well in line with the rest of the houses in the country, as you can probably tell by now. The payment methods which are available here include GooglePay. This is a convenient e-wallet option. Aside from it, you can use MiFinity or Skrill in terms of e-wallets. In addition to that, there are credit card payments and two e-vouchers, which are also accepted. Crypto deposits are possible, via BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT and a couple more digital assets.

Withdrawing from the casino is simple enough, if you have used Skrill, MiFinity or crypto to cash in. However, if you have used another means of deposit instead, you will have to perform a bank transfer. This transfer will require you to cash out no less than NZ$ 300, which is a bit too high. Nevertheless, the minimum withdrawal amount for any of the other payment methods is very low! All you need to cash out via any of them is 20 New Zealand Dollars. And either way, you won't be required to pass a KYC check to withdraw in either case!

Zotabet Casino

Online since: 2022


Leonbet Casino Review

Casino Name: Leon Bet
Online Since: 2007
Accepted payment methods: Astropay, CashToCode, eZeeWallet, Credit Cards, MiFinity, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Astropay,  eZeeWallet, Credit Cards, MiFinity, Crypto

Leon Bet has been around for ages. More specifically, at the time of writing, the casino is 17 years old. It first opened its virtual doors in 2007, in an online gambling world which has changed a lot since then. However, we believe that Leon Bet still has its finger on the pulse of what players want, and is able to deliver just that.

For New Zealanders, who are looking for a casino without ID checks for withdrawals, Leon Bet is just that. The house allows you to sign up, deposit and cash out quite freely. However, aside from being asked for your name, email, address and birthday, you need to provide your phone number too. What's more, you need to verify it. We would like to mention that this process simply requires you to wait for Leon Bet to send you an SMS with a code. Then, you simply need to type the code while signing up. It does mean a slight delay in account creation, but it still does not really take more than two minutes to create your account.

And what's special about this casino is that it has a very low minimum deposit requirement. In fact, it does away with such requirements at all! Leon Bet will take as little as the payment provider you're using allows you to cash in. That can be as low as one NZ Dollar! The minimum withdrawal is just NZ$ 5, which is also a very low amount to ask for.

In addition to that, the casino also allows you to cash in via a range of cryptocurrencies. Astropay and eZeeWallet are available, as two less common payment methods for New Zealanders to use. Besides them, there are also MiFinity deposits, credit card cash ins and CashToCode e-vouchers, which are also accepted. As always, you will be able to cash out via all of these methods, except CashToCode!

Leonbet Casino

Online since: 2007


Just Casino Review

Casino Name:
Online Since: 2023
Accepted payment methods: Skrill, EcoPayz, MiFinity, Credit Card, PaysafeCard, FlexePin, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: Bank, MiFinity, EcoPayz, Crypto is a space-themed house which launched not too long ago, in 2023. It is also a bit too modest, in our view! It is not just any casino, but a pretty good option for players from New Zealand who are looking for a no verification house to play in!

JustCasino Review

This is because of the streamlined and privacy-friendly account creation process. You don't really need to offer the casino any of your personal information to create an account. The only thing it asks for is your email address, which is necessary in order for you to be able to make your account. Beyond that, you can add your name and phone number, but only if you want to.

Of course, to play one of the many excellent games of the casino with real money means you need to make a deposit first. That is possible via the usual types of payment methods. E-vouchers, e-wallets and credit cards, as well as crypto can all be found in the Deposits screen of the house. What makes it stand out is just how many crypto payment options there are, making this house one of the best picks for digital currency enthusiasts. The minimum you need to cash in is just NZD 20. That's excellent!

Please note, however, that the minimum withdrawal amount could be higher. Having cashed in via an e-voucher or credit card will mean you need to cash out via a bank transfer. And said bank transfer has to be of NZD 300 or more. This is a bit excessive in our view, but at least crypto withdrawals can be done with as little as 20 NZ Dollars and MiFinity or EcoPayz transfers can be as low as NZ$ 30. So, just keep the higher requirement for bank transfers in mind as you make your deposit with!

Just Casino

Online since: 2023


Casinia Casino Review

Casino Name: Casinia
Online Since: 2017
Accepted payment methods: EcoPayz, Jeton, MasterCard, MiFinity, MuchBetter, NeoSurf, FlexePin, Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard, CashToCode, Crypto
Withdrawal methods available: EcoPayz, Jeton, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Crypto

Last but not least in our list is Casinia. This is an online gambling house which first opened its virtual doors for Kiwi players seven years ago, in 2017. This means there is a proven track record of excellence with the house, and a lot of satisfied privacy minded players have already tested the casino! The house also has a pretty compelling medieval European theme, with kings, queens and castles all found within various pages of its website.

Casinia Casino Review

We are happy to report that the account creation process here can be completed within a couple of minutes at most. The information you need to submit is all very basic, too. From your names and address, as well as a phone number, to your birthday and email, those are some pretty minimal requirements. Not to mention that there's no need to verify any of them, or to submit any documentation, to be able to play the thousands of games with the casino.
Said games have demo modes available, but being able to play them for real money means you will need to cash in.

The minimum deposit with this casino is just 20 NZ Dollars. We are also happy with the vast range of payment methods. In fact, it's entirely possible Casinia has the highest amount of cryptocurrencies accepted out of any of the houses we have mentioned so far. From SHIB, SOL, XRP to TRX, there are diverse options for deposit. The FIAT payment methods the house accepts include the EcoPayz, Jeton, MiFinity and MuchBetter e-wallets, as well as Neteller and Skrill. CashToCode, NeoSurf and FlexePin are the e-vouchers which are available. MasterCard is accepted as a payment method as well.

Withdrawing is possible with the low amount of money, and pretty much the same methods. The ones which you cannot use are the e-vouchers. Additionally, MasterCard payments are not available for cash outs, but the casino does process withdrawals to Visa cards.

Casinia Casino

Online since: 2017


Why should NZ players trust CasinoNoVerification's recommendations?


Focus on Safety

As we said at the start, there are certain risks to playing in NZ casinos without verification. We strive to be vigilant about them, and recommend only casinos which we would feel safe cashing in to!


Only the best Kiwi casinos

New online casinos are launched every day. This means that looking for a house in New Zealand can be a bit overwhelming. We sift through these houses and review them, to recommend to you the ones with the most compelling service and least KYC requirements!


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We at are very passionate about online gambling. What's more, we share over a decade of experience with the NZ online gambling sector. We know what a good and bad casino looks like. This experience means impartial and fair reviews, putting the player's experience first!

No Verification Casinos 101

Casino Verification in New Zealand: The basics, explained

There are a bunch of common misconceptions about the verification process of Kiwi casinos. We would like to dedicate this and the following sections to dispelling them, by going over everything you need to know about what verification is.

First off, verification means a process through which a casino makes sure that you are of legal gambling age and not using its services in an illicit manner. It is also nothing new to online casinos! If you have gone to a physical gambling house, you have most likely had to show your ID to be let in. Online gambling works in much the same way, for casinos which require verification.

However, as much as it is a legitimate goal to make sure minors have no access to your casino, and that it is not used to launder money, verification with online gambling houses presents a lot of challenges, too. For example, it means that players have to submit a ton of sensitive information, like pictures of their ID cards, which are stored in the casino's data banks. Leaks from those banks are rare, but can be devastating.

Furthermore, an online casino can take a while to verify your ID card, which can be annoying for players. That is completely understandable, of course. No-one likes having to wait to open their account and start playing.

Finally, online casinos which do not require verification are also somewhat controversial. They are usually licensed and that makes them safe, and unlikely to be fraudulent. However, the jurisdictions they obtain their licenses in have less strict approaches to online gambling. This means that there are certain protections which players cannot have access to with no KYC houses. And so, it is up to you to be a bit more careful when picking where to play. We'd like to highlight some useful tips and tricks for making sure you are dealing with a legitimate casino without a KYC check in New Zealand:

Picking a safe no KYC casino in NZ: useful tips and tricks

Here are five tips and tricks for Kiwi players who prefer playing in no verification casinos, about how they tend to pick the best options available:

  1. Check out the house's license:

    As we said before, most no KYC casinos are licensed, but there is always the rare outlier. Unlicensed gambling houses are less safe and we would recommend against playing there. So, it is always important to verify that a house is regulated, just like it claims to be. If it does not mention regulation, best stay away from the casino.

  2. Consult with a review website:

    Getting a second opinion is always great! And what better place to get one than a website which covers houses professionally? There are many such options, just like, and they catalog and review newly launched houses on a daily basis. Checking them out means you can learn about the downsides of a casino before even needing to open yourself an account. Also, checking out a second website is great, because that way you can get a more well-rounded look into the casino's advantages and downsides.

  3. Ask your fellow players about the casino:

    There is one very potent tool which gamblers can use when deciding where to play: The opinions of other gamblers! So, if you have any friends in New Zealand, who have played at the casino before, do not hesitate to ask them what their experience with the house was. They can usually give a more personal account and highlight something reviewers missed. So it is a great idea to consult them, too.

  4. Go through the legal documents of the casino:

    The legal documents of an online gambling house include its Terms and Conditions, Bonus policies, Payment policies and so on. They are a great source of information about whether a house is legitimate or not. Vague and missing documentation is a red flag, but having access to a detailed and well-laid out set of Terms and Conditions is great. An extensive outline of every aspect of what it looks like to deposit to the casino means there will be no surprises once you open your account.

  5. Make sure you can actually verify your account:

    There are certain circumstances which can require a KYC check to be performed, even with the most privacy-friendly casinos in New Zealand. There is no house nowadays which does not state that verification might be required in its Terms and Conditions. Following, it would be a good idea to have the documentation you would generally be required to submit at hand, because that would make it easy to deal with such a check quickly. Here is what this documentation can be:

Documents (1)

What are the documents a KYC casino in New Zealand usually requires?

There are two kinds of documents which you might need to come up with, to be allowed to play in a NZ casino. The first has to do with verifying your identity. The second – with making sure your deposits come from legitimate sources.

Here is what documentation can be required in each step:

  • Government-issued ID: There are three kinds of ID which casinos in New Zealand can require you to submit. These can be the Kiwi Access Card, a passport or a Driver's license. They are necessary to establish your age. For reference, you need to be 20 years old or older to be allowed to gamble. The ID must not be expired, and must clearly show both sides of the document. All four corners of it need to be visible as well.
  • Utility Bills: Sometimes, Kiwi casinos need to make sure you live on the address you've submitted. That cannot be done via a government issued ID, because those documents have really long expiration times. It is likely that you will have moved at least once in the many years before the ID expires. So, houses require a utility bill, for water or electricity, which has been issued within the past couple months. It needs to show your name and address for the casino to accept it.
  • Bank Statements, Pay slips: Casinos are required to take strict measures in order to prevent money laundering, as well as other financial crime. To that end, they are required to establish you are really the holder of a bank account, if you are cashing in via bank transfers. You might be required to get a bank statement, which shows your name next to the IBAN of the account you wish to use. Additionally, if you are using an e-wallet, you might be required to take a screenshot of the wallet's account page, which shows your name. Houses also need to make sure your money does not come from illicit activities. So, they require you to show them a recent pay slip you've received from your employer.
How does the KYC process with casinos in NZ really go_

How does the KYC process with casinos in NZ really go?

We have listed quite a few documents you would be required to submit with any NZ casino. And once you submit them, the process is pretty simple. You just need to wait for the employees of the house to review the documents. Sometimes, you can be required to re-submit a document, or upload an additional one.

You could be asked to provide the KYC documents and undergo the check at any time. Of course, you can be asked to pass it when opening an account, depositing or withdrawing as well, with different documents being necessary each time, which is a hassle.

Furthermore, there's really no telling how much time this can take. Some houses outline that in their Terms and Conditions, and list the maximum time the KYC checks take. These have been as high as 30+ days with some houses we've covered. Even though that's rare, there's no wonder players flock to houses without such requirements!

Table of contents

Six kinds of casinos without verification in New Zealand

Six kinds of casinos without verification in New Zealand

Aside from not requiring you to submit documents, there are lots of subtle differences between no KYC casinos in New Zealand. Here are the seven main types of such casinos, as well as some good examples of all of them:

Crypto-Friendly NZ Casinos without KYC checks

Since crypto-focused casinos tend to be light on verification, it makes sense to look to them when looking for no ID check casinos in New Zealand. Here are the top three alternatives, as well as the crypto assets they accept for deposits:

Casino Name Accepted cryptocurrencies
BC.Game ADA, BCH, BNB, BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC, TRX, USDT, XRP + over 30 more

New Zealand's best no ID check FIAT casinos
Crypto is a convenient means of deposit, but FIAT is easier for most players to use. In light of that, let's go over the best New Zealand casinos with FIAT deposits:

Casino Name Available FIAT deposit methods Min. Deposit
NeoSpin Bank Transfer, Jeton, MiFinity, Credit Cards NZ$ 30
Spinanga Bank Transfer, AstroPay, Apple Pay, EzeeWallet, CashToCode, Jeton, MiFinity, Credit Cards NZ$ 20
50 Crowns MiFinity, MuchBetter, NeoSurf, Neteller, Skrill, PayZ NZ$ 30
Slots Palace Bank Transfer, AstroPay, Apple Pay, EzeeWallet, CashToCode,  Jeton, MiFinity, Credit Cards NZ$ 20
Sportuna Bank Transfer, Neteller, NeoSurf, Skrill, EzeeWallet, Jeton, MiFinity, Credit Cards NZ$ 20

Instant withdrawals without verification: best NZ casinos

We should mention that there are some online casinos without verification which provide instant withdrawals, there is a caveat. The term “instant withdrawal” is a bit deceptive. As with any online casino, New Zealand houses which offer that service can sometimes experience delays. Those are usually not by the fault of the casino, but outside circumstances, which cause the delay. So, with that, in mind, let's take a look at some of the best casinos which generally have instant withdrawals:

  • 50 crowns: No KYC withdrawals, cleared instantly
  • Spinanga: Longest withdrawal times of an hour
  • AboCasino: Payouts in the same day as the request, no ID Checks
  • Wazamba: Fastest NZ payouts, no verification
  • Nomini: Same hour withdrawals without ID checks

Kiwi no KYC casinos with the best bonuses

Casinos which do not have KYC checks in place issue great Welcome bonuses. Since everyone loves a good bonus, let's take a look at the best promotions available to players from New Zealand:

  • Onedun: First Deposit Bonus up to €10 000 (17 500 NZD)
  • NeoSpin: Welcome Bonus up to 10 000 NZD
  • 50 Crowns: Massive NZ$ 3500 Welcome package
  • Sportuna: Welcome offer of up to 1750 NZD
  • Ricky Casino: Initial deposit bonuses of up to 2000 NZD

Casinos without verification for deposits in NZ

Here are a couple of houses which do not require verification for New Zealanders' deposits in particular:

  • MyEmpire: Worry-free deposits without KYC checks
  • Wazamba: Fast and simple cash ins
  • Slots Palace: No ID checks on deposits
  • Neon54: Deposits without verification
  • Joker8: Straightforward and fast cash in, no ID check

No ID check withdrawals Casinos in New Zealand

Finally, we did highlight a couple excellent Kiwi casinos without ID checks on withdrawals at the start. However, there's a bunch more, too – let's take a look:

  • Joker8: No KYC on withdrawals
  • Spinanga: Fast cash out, no ID checks
  • Slots Palace: 1-3 business day withdrawals without verification

Fast and Easy verification casinos: A great alternative to no KYC casinos in NZ

We would also like to mention what a fast and easy verification casino is. Crucially, those are not no KYC houses! Signing up there does require you to pass a KYC check. However, the check itself is made very simple and quick. These houses achieve fast verification because they outline what documents you need to provide and when. That way, there are no surprises!

What's more, an exciting development in casino verification has been the automation of the process. Some houses nowadays have special algorithms and computer programs which handle verification of players. The documents you submit are not reviewed by people, but by these programs and algorithms which speeds up the process.

Most importantly, there are a bunch of fast and easy verification casinos in New Zealand. Here's the best of them:

  • OneDun: Simple verification process
  • 50 Crowns: Streamlined ID checks
  • Ricky Casino: Same-day KYC approvals

Table of contents

The most convenient ways to deposit in no verification casinos in New Zealand

Certain payment methods tend to require less verification than others. This means that getting familiar with them is a great idea, if you want to play in no KYC NZ casinos! They might be the only way of cashing in to the houses. Let's take a look at some preferred payment systems with light KYC checks:

Prepaid cards

PaymentsPrepaid cards were accepted in all of the casinos we covered at the start of our article. And that is no wonder! Such cards are very convenient for players to use, because they make it possible to deposit without needing to provide any information at all. Prepaid cards are one-use vouchers, which can be bought in physical stores and online. You can use them to deposit by simply buying the card with the desired denomination. Then, you just need to enter its code when prompted by the casino's cashier.

The downsides of the payment method is that the denomination of the cards can be a little rigid. For instance, cashing in anything over 500 NZD can be difficult, and so can be depositing under 20 NZD. Additionally, having to go purchase some of the cards is an annoying extra step in the process. Nevertheless, they are probably the most commonly used means of cashing in to no KYC casinos for a good reason!

The most popular prepaid card issuers in New Zealand are Flexepin, PaysafeCard and CashToCode.


Bitcoin, Ethereum and TetherCrypto assets are a great way for players who love their privacy to cash in to casinos. Since they are blockchain based, the anonymity of the person depositing is brought to the forefront. Moreover, there is usually another advantage to these payments. They tend to have lower minimum and higher maximum deposits, due to their decentralized nature. Sometimes, you can cash in well under 10 NZD, and way over 10 000 NZD with them. Of course, these limits are set by the casinos and tend to be different as well.

There are also a couple of downsides to cashing in via crypto, though. The first has to do with the complexity of the payment method. You need to have a crypto wallet and know how to use it! There is something to say about the fees, too. These are owed to crypto miners, the people processing blockchain transactions. Such fees will be owed for every transaction you make, which is something that affects how much you cash in in total.
The most popular cryptocurrency with casinos in New Zealand is definitely Bitcoin, followed closely by USDT, LTC and Ethereum.


BinanceBinance is a crypto exchange which allows you to convert your FIAT into crypto and transact with it. It is a good stepping stone for people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, as it can help you learn how you can use them. It is also a good solution if you don't want to bother learning, too. The minimum and maximum deposits with this payment method are also larger in general. Still, they depend on the casino itself.

As for the downsides, Binance makes crypto more accessible, but miner fees are still going to be something to deal with. Binance will also charge you a small fee for converting FIAT money into crypto too. In general, this is a convenient way for New Zealanders to interact with cryptocurrencies, though, and it is quite popular with online casinos too.

Advantages and downsides of playing in NZ casinos without ID checks

We would like to summarize the advantages and downsides of no ID check casinos now. Let's take a look at what those are for New Zealand casinos, at a glance:

On the Upside

  • High amount of privacy: The best way to keep your data safe from hackers and leaks is to not share it with a casino in the first place!
  • Faster account opening: Since you don't need to wait for anyone's approval to open an account, the time it takes to be able to play the games of no KYC casinos is much lower.
  • Straightforward Deposits: Depositing with houses in New Zealand that do not perform verification is just faster, for the same reason as above.
  • Novel deposit methods: Cashing in via crypto and other novel payment methods is more readily available with no verification casinos in New Zealand.
  • Exciting bonuses: As with any online casino, no KYC houses offer Kiwis exciting sign-up promotions.
  • Fun games to play: Similar to the previous point, no ID check casinos tend to offer access to nothing less in terms of games than their peers!
  • Withdrawals without any hassle: You don't need to wait for an approval for your request to cash out, just like with deposits. No KYC casinos are perfect for players looking to deposit, play and cash out in the same gambling session!


On the Downside

  • Less protection for players: Since no KYC casinos in NZ are regulated in more lax jurisdictions, there's less rules about things like conflict resolution procedures with the casino
  • No prevention for minor gambling: Sadly, there's just no way to stop minors from gambling without an ID check. If you are under 20 years old and looking to play in a casino, please close this article and wait till you reach legal gambling age!
  • Limited payment methods: Some means of cashing in or out can require you to verify your account, so they aren't generally available with no ID check casinos.


red flags

What are some red flags in no ID casinos Kiwis should look out for?

We mentioned a couple of tips and tricks players from New Zealand can use to find good no KYC casinos. We'd also like to share a couple of things to also beware of in such houses:

  • No customer service, or a slow and unhelpful service:
    The best way for a dispute between the player and the casino to be resolved is via a reliable way to reach Customer service. Furthermore, the responses of the customer service agent being prompt and useful shows good will towards the player. It also shows a genuine desire to resolve your issues. Most reliable casinos have 24/7 service, or at least a 24/5 one. Either way, a lack of means to reach out to such agents and have them resolve your issue speaks of a lack of desire to actually help you with them by the casino!
  • Badly designed, hastily made websites:
    We can generally tell a lot about the quality of an online casino from the way its website looks. If the page is badly designed, features links which lead nowhere, broken images and so on, that's a pretty bad sign. It shows that the people running the house neglect the user experience of your fellow players from New Zealand. Who knows what else they will neglect!
  • Vague, broad or missing Terms and Conditions:
    It is important to make sure you examine the Terms and Conditions of the casino. However, if you see that, for instance, there is no mention of withdrawals, or the only mention is very vague, don't hesitate to look for a different casino. Houses which lack a good set of Terms and Conditions tend to surprise players unpleasantly when it comes to cashing out bonuses, winnings and even deposits!
  • Bad sentiment among players:
    It's always a good idea to listen to what other Kiwis have to say about the casino. If there are a lot of negative opinions about a certain aspect of the casino, then you will definitely experience the same issue! For instance, if players report slow payouts, you will have to wait around before you can withdraw!
  • Fake licenses:
    The reason why you should insist on verifying that casinos are licensed is very simple. A house claiming it is regulated is not enough! Without confirmation of that, via the register of the license issuer, you cannot be sure it actually is! And if a casino has a fake license posted on its website, that's a major red flag. It means it is willing to deceive you about something as important as its regulation, which makes playing there a terrible idea!

No KYC casinos in NZ: Author's notes

As the author of this article, I had the pleasure of checking out the casinos you have read about. I say “pleasure”, because signing up, cashing in and out of them was a very easy and convenient process. In addition to that, I love my privacy and appreciate how little personal information was necessary to be submitted.
So, if you are a Kiwi player who's looking for a good casino to play in, which will not bog you down with long and annoying KYC processes, I can guarantee you can find plenty of them! Having covered other houses too, I am happy to say that the ones in New Zealand might actually offer the best services to their players, with the least verification hassle.

responsible gambling

What responsible gambling options are available for players in New Zealand?

Online gambling is heavily regulated in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health of the country has put a lot of focus on making sure responsible gambling options are promoted by casinos. What's more, there are certain laws which have to do with the promotion of gambling. It is generally considered the responsibility of the casino operator to render a safe service to the player, rather than them needing to take specific measures to self-exclude.

And, if you suspect you have a gambling issue, there is always a way to reach out. For example, there is a free helpline, which is available 24/7. You can dial 0800 664 262, or send a text to 5819 for free advice on how to curb your exposure to casinos, or just to receive help in general. Or, if you would instead check out the website of the New Zealand Problem Gambling foundation, it is available at

Frequently asked questions about no KYC casinos by NZ players

Finally, we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions which Kiwis tend to ask about no KYC casinos:

How much do I need to deposit in no verification casinos in New Zealand?


The average minimum deposit required is NZ$10 to NZ$ 20, but that ranges from casino to casino!

Are the games with the casinos fair?


As long as you are dealing with licensed casinos, and the games of regulated Game Suppliers, you are betting on tested and provably fair games! Otherwise, there's no guarantee there will be no manipulation of the outcomes of bets, though that's rare, even with unlicensed houses.

Can I use my VPN in no KYC NZ Casinos:


In general, the use of VPNs is frowned upon by any casino. They are sometimes employed by players who wish to open more than one account to receive a bonus twice. Of course, that's usually behavior which leads to a ban from the casino. So, we would not recommend you use a VPN, because the casino might think you are trying to engage in just that kind of behavior. Only use VPNs with houses which explicitly allow them in their Terms and Conditions!

What games can I play in casinos without ID checks in New Zealand?


In general, there's no difference between what you can play with online casinos that require verification, and ones that do not. Still, the choice of Game Suppliers and games to feature is always up to the management of the casino, so your mileage will always vary with different houses!

How long does it take to withdraw from no KYC casinos in New Zealand?


The amount of time it takes to cash out is different for each payment method. Consider cashing out via an e-wallet or crypto if you wish to make use of a faster withdrawal, and avoiding withdrawing via bank transfers!


Bottom line

No verification casinos are a very broad topic, and we can only hope that we have done it justice here! We also hope that we've managed to give you all the information you need about these houses. And, if we've even managed to show you a casino you'd like to play at, that's great! Either way, have fun with your no verification casino of choice, and stay safe, wherever your casino journey takes you!


Adam Richards

Last Updated: February 17, 2024

Adam Richards is a seasoned expert in the online gaming industry, with over a decade of experience in reviewing and analyzing online casinos. As the co-founder of, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, focusing on providing players with insights into the best online casinos that offer hassle-free withdrawals without verification. His commitment to transparency and player empowerment has established him as a trusted authority in the casino review space.