No verification casinos Belgium

Belgium is a country with an incredibly large amount of online casinos! There are all kinds of gambling houses there, which cater to all kinds of casino game enjoyers. One of the most popular of these are casinos without verification.

In general, the topic of verification is a bit controversial, and there are good points to be made for and against it. Some players correctly state that they do not want to share personal information with online casinos. This does mean exposing themselves to higher risks of that said information leaking, or being obtained by hackers. And others are irked by the fact that verification means they have to wait longer to play their favorite games!

But there are also some good reasons why verification is important. Among them are the prevention of minors from gambling as well as the tackling of financial crime. So, verification can be justified, too.

However, this article is meant for players who wish to avoid dealing with it. We have highlighted the best Belgian casinos without KYC checks. Also, in the interest of fairness, we would like to discuss everything you need to know about no verification casinos. From the ABCs of it, to its advantages and downsides. Our goal is to provide you with an objective and thorough overview of everything a Belgian player might need to know about no KYC casinos. So, without further ado, let's get started:

The best Belgian online casinos without KYC checks for withdrawals, at a glance:

Casino Name Min. Deposit  Verification required to cash out? 
Bankonbet €10 None on cashing out
BetOnRed €20 No KYC on withdrawals
Betspino €20 Does not require verification
Sportaza €10 None for deposits, none for withdrawals
Neon54 €10 Quick and KYC-free withdrawals
My Empire €10 No verification necessary
QuickWin €10 Does not check IDs
Betspino Casino

Welcome bonus

€800 + 120 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Which are the best casinos in Belgium without verification for withdrawals?

We have outlined a bunch of excellent casinos so far. Now, we would like to examine each of them. We would like to go over not only their policies towards player verification, but also what makes them stand out! So, here are the seven casinos we just mentioned, examined up close:

Betspino Casino Review

Casino Name  Betspino
Online since  2023
Number of games  4100+
Deposit methods  Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Revolut, Volt, Tiger Pay, Crypto
Withdrawal methods  Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Tiger Pay, Crypto
Min. Withdrawal €40

Betspino is a very recent addition to the online casino sector of Belgium. It was launched in 2023, towards the end of the year. This makes it a couple of months old at the time of writing. However, it is clear that the people behind the casino know what they are doing! It has pretty much anything you might want to play, including Sports betting.

Betspino Casino Review

It is also very easy to sign up here, as you can do that in mere seconds from landing on the Betspino website. What kind of information do you need to submit to the casino? Just your email address and phone number. And once you hand those over and pick a strong password, you can just start playing! We love no verification casinos just because of this higher degree of accessibility they offer.

You can always play the games of the casino in Demo mode once you have an account. But if you want to play with real money, you do need to deposit it into that account. With a low minimum deposit of just 20 EUR, the casino continues being very accessible to any Belgian player. What payment methods does it accept? Well the house allows you to cash in using credit cards, which are probably the most common payment method in the country. Then, you can also deposit using either Revolut or Tiger Pay, both of which are popular e-wallets. Bank transfers are possible, and you can also use Volt for instant open banking payments. And cryptocurrencies, which are always a safe choice for the privacy minded player, can be used here too!

The withdrawal methods are pretty much the same as the deposit ones. The only exception is Revolut, which cannot be withdrawn to. There is more than enough variety in payment methods besides it, though. A bigger issue is the steep minimum limit on withdrawals, which has been set to 40 EUR. It is not as high as the one of the previous casino. But still, it is a bit over the line we consider acceptable. Despite this issue, we are willing to give Betspino a sincere recommendation, though, on account of the rest of its excellent services!

Betspino Casino

Online since: 2023


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Bankonbet Casino Review

Casino Name  Bankonbet
Online since  2022
Number of games  4000+
Deposit methods  Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, MiFinity, Jeton
Withdrawal methods  Credit card, Bank Transfers, Jeton, MiFinity
Min. Withdrawal €10

To start off, we would like to mention an online casino which has pretty much everything a Belgian player can want. That casino is called Bankonbet and it features several thousand games, all sourced from major Suppliers.

Bankonbet Casino Review

Furthermore, the house includes a robust sportsbook, where you can bet on events from all over the world. And live betting on them is more than welcome, too! We also like that the casino features a bunch of its own tournaments, which let you compete against other players to see who can win the most.

But where does Bankonbet stand when it comes to verification? Well, the casino has adopted a very relaxed stance on it. When signing up, the player is expected to hand over a bit of their basic information. This includes your name, email number and phone, as well as your address. We consider this to be fair enough. The house does need to know who its players are! And since there are no requirements to verify any of that information, we are pretty confident in featuring the house on this list, too.

We also like the payment policies of the casino. First off, cashing in with it is possible via a great range of deposit methods which are very common in Belgium. You can use Klarna and Volt, as bank transfer methods. But you can also deposit with credit cards, which are as popular as ever in online casinos! Next, you can use one of a couple of e-wallets, too: Jeton and MiFinity. Really, the only thing missing here is crypto!

The minimum deposit required of the player is just 10 Euro. You will generally struggle to find a casino with a lower amount. And the minimum you need to withdraw is also set to an exceptionally low amount of just 10 Euro too!
The payment methods you can use to cash out are the same as the ones for cashing in. If you have performed a bank transfer with Volt or Klarna, the casino will remit it back to your account directly. So, overall, with a player-friendly sign-up process, exceptionally low minimum deposits and withdrawals and a great range of games, this is truly an excellent casino to play in! If you are a privacy-minded Belgian player, or just someone who doesn't like waiting around for verification, try Bankonbet out!

Bankonbet Casino

Online since: 2022


BetOnRed Casino Review

Casino Name  BetOnRed
Online since  2022
Number of games  2000+
Deposit methods  Neosurf, Credit card, Bank Transfer, Skrill, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Crypto
Withdrawal methods  Bank Transfer, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Crypto
Min. Withdrawal €50

The next casino on our list is called BetOnRed. It is found on a very stylish red and black website. Black is always in fashion, and so is player privacy and convenience! So, you will be happy to learn that the casino does not collect any of your personal documents when you sign up.

BetOnRed Casino Review

In fact, signing up here can be even faster than with some of the other houses on our list. BetOnRed only asks for your email address. You have to pick a password too, but you can play straight away after you do that. We should also mention that Belgian mobile players will have access to an excellent app by BetOnRed. This app is available as a plugin for any mobile browser, which means there is no way for any compatibility issues to arise with your device's OS. What can you do with the app? Pretty much anything! From cashing in, to playing games and even withdrawing, the casino has a pretty robust app to offer overall.

BetOnRed makes it very easy to deposit too, with a bunch of exciting payment methods. If you want to cash in with a prepaid voucher, you can use Neosurf here. Otherwise, credit cards and bank transfers are available, along with three distinguished e-wallets. Said e-wallets are Jeton, Skrill and eZeeWallet. Of course, crypto deposits are possible too. The entry price with the casino is just 20 EUR.

As for withdrawals, they are available without the need to pass any KYC checks, too. However, we should mention that the biggest downside of this casino is in fact its minimum withdrawal policy. More specifically, the house requires you to cash out upwards of 50 EUR only. We can't really say we like that amount, or that it is even remotely competitive. But if you are interested in casinos without verification and don't mind it, we can easily recommend BetOnRed.

BetOnRed Casino

Online since: 2023


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Sportaza Casino Review

Casino Name  Sportaza
Online since  2021
Number of games  6500+
Deposit methods  Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, MiFinity, Jeton
Withdrawal methods  Credit card, Bank Transfers, Jeton, MiFinity
Min. Withdrawal €10

It will probably come as no surprise that Sportaza is a sports-focused casino. But just saying that the casino offers access to sports betting would mean selling it short! That is because of the special sportsbook features which are available here. These features allow you to elevate your bets to the next level. For example, you can get a scaling acca boost, which will increase your winnings for placing multiple correct wagers in a sequence. Or you could even use the Early cash out feature to do just that and withdraw your winnings right after the team you've bet on has managed to reach a certain score.

Sportaza Casino Review

And besides these special incentives for the Sportsbook, this casino also features a vast amount of games. From Slots and table games to even exclusive live gaming experiences, there are over 6500 titles to find within the Sportaza library. So how can Belgian players make an account with the casino and access all that?

Pretty easily, as it turns out! The house allows you to sign up by just offering it your name, address and phone number, as well as your birth date. As always, this info is necessary in order to prevent minors from gambling and financial criminals from playing in the casino to launder money. And even with having to submit this small bit of personal info, the whole sign-up process takes a very little amount of time.

Aside from that, we should also mention that there are an excellent range of payment methods with the casino. Among them are, for instance, the Belgian player favorite Klarna. You could also cash in with Volt, or MiFinity and Jeton, as e-wallet payment methods. Finally, another reason to sincerely recommend this casino for us is the fact that both the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are set to just 10 EUR!

Sportaza Casino

Online since: 2021


Neon54 Casino Review

Casino Name  Neon54
Online since  2019
Number of games  4000+
Deposit methods  Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, MiFinity, Jeton
Withdrawal methods  Credit card, Bank Transfers, Jeton, MiFinity
Min. Withdrawal €10

Neon54 is the best place for any casino player who loves the sound of the 70s, 80s and 90s to find their favorite games! This is because the theme of the casino is the pop music of these decades. There are five unique mascots, which reinforce said theme. Each of them has been modeled after a real life musician. From KRISS to Spoon Dog and Miradona, their light-hearted names will be instantly recognizable to any one of their fans!

Neon54 Casino Review

When you sign up, you will be asked by the casino to pick one of the musicians. The choice might not be easy though! Each of them has their own Welcome bonus, which we love! The more variety the Welcome bonuses of a casino offer to players, the better, is our view!

And speaking of variety, there are a lot of payment methods available to Belgian players, too! These include the convenient Klarna and Volt banking options, as well as credit cards and two e-wallets. The e-wallets are MiFinity and Jeton, both of which are widely embraced by casinos in the country. Sadly, it does not seem like players from Belgium can cash in via crypto. What is the minimum deposit to this casino? Just 10 euro. It is tied with the rest of the houses on our list for the smallest deposit amount, and we love that.

Withdrawals don't require any verification either. The information the casino has collected on you during the sign up will suffice. This information is what you might expect at this point: your name, age, address, email and phone number. All of these are reasonable requests, but let's get back to withdrawals. They are possible with the same low minimum amount and the same payment methods as deposits. The only exceptions are Klarna and Volt, as you will have to use a direct bank transfer instead!


Online since: 2021


MyEmpire Casino Review

Casino Name  MyEmpire
Online since  2021
Number of games  4000+
Deposit methods  Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, MiFinity, Jeton, Crypto
Withdrawal methods  Credit card, Bank Transfers, Jeton, MiFinity, Crypto
Min. Withdrawal €10

My Empire is an online casino which takes its Belgian players thousands of years back, right into the Ancient Roman world! The house features many mascots modeled after this period of time, both historical and mythological. More importantly, it allows you to build your own city, styled after Ancient Rome. Before we get to that, let's start with the account opening process of the casino:

MyEmpire Casino Review

During it, you don't need to worry about submitting any documents to verify your identity. Just handing out the absolute basics is enough! This includes your name, address, your phone number and your email. Also, you do need to tell the casino how old you are, in the interest of minor gambling prevention.

Then, you can cash in and play right away. As always, the payment methods are convenient. They include Klarna and Volt, which facilitate instant deposits. Credit cards, as well as the Jeton and MiFinity e-wallets are also supported, and so is Crypto! The minimum deposit is just 10 Euro, which is a very small amount! The same is true about the minimum withdrawal amount, which has been set to 10 Euro as well. And with the exception of Klarna and Volt, the payment methods are the same. If you have used them to cash in, you'll have to withdraw via a bank transfer.

Now, on to the unique feature of the casino. As you play, you will start earning Gems. This is the in-house currency which you can spend to buy various historically accurate buildings. These buildings can then be arranged into Districts, each of which will reward you with a special bonus for completing it. Of course, you are always free to take a look at the city you have built and enjoy it, too. Overall, this makes My Empire a unique and satisfying place to play in!

MyEmpire Casino

Online since: 2023


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QuickWin Casino Review

Casino Name  QuickWin
Online since  2023
Number of games  4000+
Deposit methods  Klarna, MiFinity, Crypto
Withdrawal methods  Credit card, Bank Transfers, Jeton, MiFinity, Crypto
Min. Withdrawal €10

QuickWin is another recent discovery on the Belgian egaming market. Now, its placement on our list does not mean the house does not have an excellent service to offer! On the contrary, QuickWIn is a very exciting casino.

QuickWin Casino Review

This is in no small part because of the excellent approach to verification it has adopted. Essentially, players don't have to worry about submitting any sensitive documents to the casino to start playing. They can just make an account by providing the house with the information it requires. This entails some really basic personal info like your name, age, address, phone number and so on. Then, you can play right away.

And, as you do that, you can take part in the special Collection feature of QuickWin. This casino is all about letting its players collect powerful racing cards and get rewarded for it! The cars are earned piece by piece, and finishing one will unlock a special bonus.

Of course, the payment conditions of QuickWin are great too. While it is true that the house does have fewer deposit methods than some of the other casinos on this list, it has a very low minimum. Said minimum is just 10 euro! And the payment methods you can cash in with are also very convenient for Belgian players: Klarna, MiFinity and Crypto. They let you cash in via a banking solution, a popular e-wallet, and, of course, crypto!

Withdrawals are possible without any additional hassle in way of verification, and from the same low minimum! And there are even more payment methods to use when cashing out, too, including Jeton, credit cards and bank transfers. All of that makes QuickWin another easy recommendation in this already excellent list of Belgian online casinos!

QuickWin Casino

Online since: 2023


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What you should know about Belgian No verification casinos

In order to better understand what No Verification casinos are, we should explain the verification process in a bit more depth. The next couple of segments of our article are dedicated to just that! Let's start off with a bit more information of what verification is and what it is not:

Firstly, verification is actually nothing that online casinos have come up with. In fact, in order to play in any physical casino, be it in Belgium or anywhere else, you might have to verify your age. Secondly, as we said at the start, we think there are some good reasons why casinos do require verification. Rooting out underage gambling and money laundering are good causes, which we at support.

However, there are some problematic aspects of regulation, too. First off, getting verified in a physical casino takes mere seconds. How do online houses stack up to that? Fairly poorly, with players having to wait around for days to get verified. Also, if you are concerned about your digital privacy, it makes sense to hesitate before submitting sensitive personal documents to any casino. Finally, it is exceedingly rare, but some shady casinos use verification against the player. They make you pass a KYC check to cash out, used as a tactic to delay withdrawals.

All in all, no-one should be surprised that Belgian players, as well as people from all over the world, seek out no verification casinos. There are, however, certain downsides which these houses have. For instance, they are licensed in jurisdictions with a more relaxed approach to oversight. This means players might not have access to the same responsible gambling features they might otherwise be able to rely on. It also means you need to be more careful when picking a casino, because there are also unlicensed no verification houses. How can you find the best and safest place to play without verification in Belgium? Find out in the next section of the article:

Picking the best no KYC casino in Belgium: tips and tricks by players

The best casino is always the one which caters to what you want the most. How can you find just that? Well, there are some tips and tricks you can use, developed by other Belgian players, which will help you do so! Here is what you need to do in order to make sure you are dealing with a safe and competitive casino:

  1. Consult reviewers

    The first step is finding a good casino, and it is here that we at Casino No Verification, as well as other similar sites, come in! Casino reviewers cover new launches before everyone else, and explain whether there are any issues with the houses you need to know about. That is why they are the best place to find an online casino you'd want to play in!

  2. Ask other players about the casino

    One of the most useful tools you have when determining whether a casino is a good place for you is the sentiment other players have towards it! They can usually point out any issue they have run into with a lot of detail. If you ask your friends in Belgium and they say the house has, for instance, overly long withdrawal times, that is also something you can expect to run into while playing!

  3. Stick to licensed houses

    No matter what reviewers or players say, we recommend only dealing with licensed casinos. They are much safer and provide players with guarantees for the fairness of their games. If you play with unregulated online casinos, there is no way to know that the Slots, Table Games and so on you bet on actually pay out as much as they should!

  4. Check out the payment conditions

    Learning what the withdrawal policies of the house look like before you even place a deposit means there will be no surprises when it comes time to cash out! So, checking out what the minimum withdrawal is and how long it takes to cash out before making an account is a great idea.

  5. Take a look at the legal documents

    If a casino does not have its legal documents available, or if said documents are vague and unhelpful, that is actually a pretty major red flag. You should avoid such houses. The best Belgian casinos are not afraid to lay out exactly what their payment, bonus and so on policies are. Transparency is key when it comes to staying safe in online casinos!

  6. Examine the games library

    Maybe this goes without saying, but not every casino has every game. If you want to play a specific Slot, you should check to see if it is available before making an account and cashing in!

  7. Be ready to verify your account

    Even though the whole purpose of our article is highlighting no KYC casinos, you should be able to verify your account. Why? There is not a single Belgian casino out there nowadays which will not have reserved the right to perform verification on a player. So, having the documents you need in order to pass the check is a good idea in general. But what are those documents?

Documents (1)

What kind of documentation do I need to submit to casinos in Belgium to get verified?

Once again, the two main purposes of verification are making sure no underage players access casinos and combating financial crime. This means that casinos tend to collect player documentation which is aimed at proving one of the two. Here is what you need to submit to the house, based on that criterion:

Age, identity verification documents:

  • ID Card (Verblijfstitel, Titre de séjour, Aufenthaltstitel): The most common form of age verification document you would be expected to present at any Belgian online casino is your identity card. The way you present this card, however, has to adhere to some rules! First off, it goes without saying that the card must be valid. You cannot expect the casino to accept an expired ID! Secondly, both sides of the card need to be photographed. Also, all of the text on each side must be legible, and all four corners of the document need to be visible.
  • Driver's License: If you have such a license issued from the Belgian government, you might submit it instead of an ID card. However, you need to follow the same rules when taking the pictures of the front and back of the document. It needs to be valid, as well, and cannot be expired.
  • Passport: Alternatively, you can also use a passport to verify your identity. This is another official document which needs to be photographed in a specific way, according to the requirements of the casino!

Financial crime prevention KYC documents:

  • Bank statements: In order for a casino to let you withdraw to a bank account, or cash in using one, it might ask you for a bank statement. This is a document which you can obtain from any Belgian bank. It shows your name next to the account's IBAN. That name must match the name of your ID for the verification check to be successful.
  • Pictures of your credit card: If you wish to cash in with a credit card, a casino might ask you to prove that you are the card's owner. That is once again done by taking a picture of both sides of the card. The name of the card holder needs to be legible. Also, some of the numbers must be covered, for the sake of protecting your safety. Refer to the instructions on the casino's verification page for that, and never send it pictures of the entire card number!
  • Other documents: These are asked for rather infrequently, but we should still go over them. Firstly, the casino might want you to verify your address. That is done via a recent utility bill, which shows your name and the address in question. Secondly, it might need other forms of proof with regards to your payment methods. If you are using an e-wallet, that can be, for instance, a screenshot of the account page of the wallet. This should show your name next to the account number.
How does the verification process go with Belgian online casinos_

How does the verification process go with Belgian online casinos?

We would now like to give you a thorough breakdown of what you can expect when verifying your account with Belgian casinos. To do that, we will answer three questions: When do I have to submit verification documents? What do I do afterwards? How long does the process take?
Let's start off with the first question. Here are the different points at which you can be asked to verify your account:

  • While opening said account: You can be asked to prove you are of legal gambling age when you open an account with a Belgian casino. That is done by providing the house with the identity documents we mentioned.
  • Before you deposit: Sometimes, the casino will ask you to prove either that you are of legal age, or that your payment device belongs to you, before cashing in. At this point, all and any of the documents from the previous section can be asked for.
  • After cashing in a certain amount of money: Casinos tend to have clauses which require verification after the player has reached a certain cumulative amount of deposits. That can be 100 euro, 1000 euro or any amount of money. You might have to provide any of the verification documents.
  • Before withdrawing: This is not a policy we like, but some houses ask you to pass a KYC check before being allowed to withdraw. We don't like that because the house has already let you cash in and play. The KYC check before you are allowed to cash out just seems like an excuse to delay your withdrawal!
  • At any other point: Casinos reserve the right to ask you to verify your identity at any point. That can be because they suspect money laundering or other financial crime is afoot, or for any other reason! But the result is the same: you will need to pass the ID check!

As for what you should do after submitting the required documents, we have a way more straightforward answer: You just have to wait to be verified! The only two outcomes are that you are verified, or that you need to submit additional documents, or take better pictures of the ones you submitted.

The third question tends to be the most important one: How long does verification take? That is something we cannot answer, unfortunately. KYC checks are performed by the internal rules of each house. And while some casinos nowadays tend to include clauses which point out how long they take, they are not really helpful. The houses set very long maximum limits for themselves. What good is it to know that the verification might take up to 30 days to be cleared? You still have to wait an unacceptable amount of time!

So, as you can see, the verification process can sometimes be a hassle. We are definitely not surprised at players for wanting to avoid dealing with it. Let's get back to the casinos which can offer that:

Table of contents

Are there more than one type of no KYC casinos in Belgium?

Yes, no verification casinos can be divided into many categories. Let's take a look at six of these useful categories, as well as the best examples of Belgian online casinos in each of them:

Are there more than one type of no KYC casinos in Belgium_

Belgian crypto-friendly no KYC casinos

A crypto-friendly casino is a house which accepts digital currency deposits. If you are not a fan of verification, you might like cashing in with crypto, because of the higher degree of anonymity it provides access to. Here are the top three gambling houses in which you can deposit crypto in Belgium:

Casino Name Cryptocurrencies accepted KYC required? 
BC.Game BCH, BNB, BTC, DOG, EOS, ETH, LTC, NEO, TRX, TUSD, USDT, XRP; None to sign up 
Nine Casino BTC, DOGE, ETH, XRP; No Verification on opening account 
Cusco Casino BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, DOGE, LTC; No KYC check on deposit

FIAT currency casinos without verification in Belgium

FIAT currency payments are the default with Belgian online casinos. But which of these houses offer the least verification for FIAT deposits? Let's take a look at the top five:

Casino Name Verification required to to cash in?  FIAT payment methods 
Nomini None required Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, Jeton, MiFinity
BDMBet KYC-Free Deposits  Skrill, Neteller, eZeeWallet, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Jeton, MiFinity, AstroPay
Playio No verification for deposits Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, Jeton, MiFinity
Cusco Casino Does not perform ID checks for deposits Neosurf, Credit card, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Revolut, eZeeWallet, Jeton, Jeton Cash, Crypto
Slots Palace Quick deposits, no verification Klarna, Credit Card, Volt, Jeton, MiFinity

Are there instant withdrawal casinos in Belgium without verification?

Yes, there are instant withdrawal casinos without KYC checks in the country! That said, you should keep in mind that withdrawal delays are always possible. They are rarely by the fault of the casino, too! Most often, the delays are caused by the payment provider instead. With that in mind, here are the best Belgian casinos which generally facilitate instant withdrawals:

  • National Casino: Instant withdrawals without KYD
  • BDMBet: 1-3 hour withdrawal times at most
  • Nine Casino: Same hour withdrawals without verification

Which no KYC casinos in BE have the best bonuses?

You can find bonuses in pretty much every no KYC casino in Belgium, but there are some which go above and beyond. Let's take a look at these houses, and their massive initial deposit promotions:

  • Rakoo: Massive 100% Welcome bonus up to €6000 + 100 free spins
  • 200% Welcome Bonus up to €1000
  • PlayFast Casino: Generous Welcome offer (140% up to €1500)

Five more Belgian casinos without KYC checks for withdrawals

There are many more casinos in Belgium which do not require you to verify your account to cash out! Here is a list of five more of them:

  • Crypto withdrawals without verification
  • Manga Casino: No ID asked for when cashing out
  • LT Casino: No KYC withdrawals
  • Hit'n Spin: Does not perform verification on cash out
  • Rakoo: Fast cash out process, no ID check

Casinos that Belgians can cash in to without verification

Finally, here are a couple of online houses in Belgium which allow you to cash in without having to worry about any verification:

  • SlotsPalace: Deposits are KYC free!
  • Instant deposits, no verification
  • Ice Casino: Does not have any verification requirements to cash in

Fast and easy verification casinos in Belgium: The future of verification?

There has been a development in the casino world in recent years. Houses have optimized their KYC process, giving rise to a new mode of verification. We call these houses Fast and easy verification casinos. They make it easy to get verified and cut down on the waiting times for players to pass ID checks, by adopting innovative solutions.

For example, these casinos sometimes have employees available to verify you 24/7. Or they could use automated verification to streamline the process. There are even more measures they can use, but the end result is the same for the player: They have access to a casino which has lightning-fast verification. This means the house can curb underage gambling and fraud, while you enjoy your favorite games faster!

The best part is that there are such casinos in Belgium already. Let's take a look at the top three of them:

  • Nine Casino: Simple and straightforward verification process
  • Boomerang Bet: Same hour KYC check
  • Fast ID checks

What are the best payment methods for no verification casinos in Belgium?

Some payment methods are better suited for players who might wish to avoid dealing with verification. Here are the top three means of deposit that Belgian players use to do that:

Open Banking Solutions

Open banking solutions

Open banking is really the future of transacting with online merchants, casinos included. It allows you to transfer money from your bank account to the account of the merchant directly. This allows for bank-grade safety with none of the waiting times! All open banking payments are instant. And they are free of charge too!

All of the relevant KYC and AML checks are passed automatically, within seconds, so there's no need to worry about verification too. The premier open banking payment method in Belgium nowadays is called Volt. As you saw from the list of casinos above, most houses accept it.

The minimum deposit size for Volt is just around ten euro. This makes it a very affordable means of deposit, for any Belgian casino enthusiast. And once you wish to withdraw, the casino will simply send your money back to your bank account.

The only downside of this payment solution is that, since open banking is a bit new as a concept, there are some casino operators which have yet to adopt it.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards

Another hugely popular method for deposits by privacy-minded Belgian casino enthusiasts is prepaid cards. They are also called e-vouchers, and provide a very safe way of payment. Here's how you can use them: You need to buy a card online, or from a physical vendor. These cards have different values, typically between €10 and €100-200. And each of them has its own unique number. Depositing with them is possible by simply selecting how much you want to pay and entering the special number of the card!

The safety of the payment method comes from the fact that you are not exposing your actual banking information! All you are sharing is the number of a disposable voucher. The most popular e-voucher used in Belgium to deposit with casinos is NeoSurf, but we have also seen CashLib used, among other payment methods. There are also no transfer fees by the voucher issuers, which players need to worry about. The minimum deposit with them is usually around 10 euro, and the maximum is either the maximum denomination of the card, or 200-300 euro.

The downsides of using this payment method are the fact that it actually does not allow you to withdraw. Once you have topped up your account with a prepaid card, you will need to cash out using another means of payment. Also, high rollers might be displeased with the low maximum deposit amounts, which are generally associated with these payment methods!

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether


Crypto was made with one goal in mind, the anonymity of its users. That is why it has become almost synonymous with anonymity. And while blockchain transactions can be tracked, they reveal little about the identity of the people making them. That is why crypto is a staple for any privacy-minded person, be that in Belgium or anywhere else.

Casinos in the country generally accept crypto, too. Another advantage of the payment method is that houses tend to set smaller minimum deposit amounts for them. The maximums you can cash in with crypto are also sometimes higher.

There are downsides to crypto payments, too, of course. These downsides have to do with the fact that such payment methods can be a bit more complex than their FIAT counterparts. In fact, you need to learn how to set up your wallet and transact before doing so with the casino. There are also concerns to be had about fees. The people who facilitate transactions on the blockchain, crypto miners, collect such fees on every transaction. Finally, the exchange rate between FIAT and cryptocurrencies is always in flux. This means that cashing in with a crypto token and then withdrawing and converting that to FIAT might lose you money. No to mention the possible crypto to FIAT exchange rates!

Despite these facts, crypto is a very popular way to deposit to casinos, and facilitates doing so without worrying about verification. That is why Belgian players love it so much!

What are the pros and cons for Belgian players of casinos without verification?

We have outlined many of the advantages and downsides of casinos without verification so far. It is time to summarize them: Here is what every upside and downside of said houses are, at a glance:

Pros of no KYC casinos in Belgium

Faster sign up times: As the casinos in Belgium which do not require verification do not make you wait around to pass an ID check, they let you open an account and play faster
Massive game catalogs: No KYC casinos in the country are run by large international companies. They can have access to better games catalogs and new releases, because they partner with more Game Suppliers on average.
More deposit methods: Similar to the previous point, there tend to be more payment methods available with casinos by larger operators. This allows for more player choice in turn!
Respect for players' privacy: We appreciate that there are houses out there which realize people can be hesitant to share their personal info and respect that!
Straightforward withdrawals: Without needing to pass a KYC check to withdraw, Belgian no verification casinos can pay out faster.
Higher degree of data safety: As much as casinos encrypt any information they receive from the player, the best way to stay safe is to not share said info in the first place!


Cons of no KYC casinos in Belgium

No way to prevent minors from playing: There really is no beating around the bush here. Without verification, there is just no way to prevent minors from opening accounts and playing in the casino.
Lack of BE localization: Just as they offer larger games catalogs, there are fewer language options and local payment methods that international casinos have available.


What should Belgians look out for in every no KYC casino_

What should Belgians look out for in every no KYC casino?

As there are ways to seek out good no verification casinos, there are also ways to tell which houses should be avoided! Here are five red flags every Belgian player should be aware of when it comes to no verification casinos:

  • Shoddy websites: If a casino has a bad or an unprofessional looking website, it needs to be avoided. That is usually the first sign something is up with the house! As superficial as it sounds, a bad website usually means a bad level of service from the house. If it cannot present the player with an exceptional user experience, the casino is either made hastily or by people who are inexperienced, and should be avoided!
  • No legal documentation: We have stressed the importance of a good and transparent set of payment conditions for casinos to have. If they do not have their Terms and Conditions posted in an accessible place on their website, they should be avoided!
  • Bad looking games by weird Suppliers: If the Game suppliers a house partners with are illegitimate, odds are, their games will be unfair. You can tell that is the case if the majority of games look dated, load slowly and are by Suppliers you've never heard of!
  • No customer support: Most issues between a casino and its players can be resolved by its customer support. In fact, that's usually what happens when there are any issues, too. So, if there is no customer support, or if Belgian players cannot reach it, that is a pretty major red flag that something's off about the casino!
  • Fake licenses: A casino being unlicensed is one thing. It lying about its regulation is another, much more concerning matter altogether! That is why we advise you to verify that a house is licensed before making an account with any online casino!

No verification casinos Belgium: Message from the author

As the author of the current article, I had the pleasure of testing all of the casinos you've read about so far. They all managed to impress me! The unique features of some of them, like a city-building minigame, are really one of a kind. And even if a casino did not offer me something as innovative, it nevertheless managed to live up to all of my expectations with its services.With friendly support staff and quick sign-up, the houses were very easy to get started with. Then, along my journey with each of them, I discovered more and more reasons to like them. From their extensive means of cashing in or out, to the thousands of games available in each of the casinos. In short, if you are a Belgian player looking to play in a non-KYC casino, I can confidently say, you have a lot of great options!

responsible gambling

What responsible gambling options do I have access to with Belgian casinos without KYC checks?

In light of our commitment to responsible gambling, here are the options Belgian players have to play safe in no KYC casinos:

  • Self-exclusion: Licensed casinos nowadays allow every player to set limits on how much they deposit, or even close down their account. That is because they respect the fact you might need to cool off on gambling for a while, or even stop playing altogether. But unregulated houses cannot guarantee these options, which is another reason to avoid them!
  • Gaming Commission BE helpline: You can rely on the protections of the Belgian gambling commission! It lets you reach out and get help on the phone by dialing 0800 35 777, or seek counseling online. And you can always find responsible gambling tips on its website as well!

FAQs on BE casinos without verification

Finally, there are some frequently asked questions we get about no verification casinos in Belgium. We would like to answer them for you below:

Are no verification casinos in Belgium safe?


Yes, as long as they are licensed! Licensed no KYC houses offer the Belgian player guarantees for the legitimacy of their games, as well as for the fact that there are responsible gambling options available within each of these houses.

Can I play the same games with no KYC casinos?


In general, there is no difference between what you can play in casinos which require verification and ones which do not. We would like to mention, though, that which games are available is always up to the casino's operator!

What are the minimum deposit amounts with no verification casinos?


In Belgium, these vary from house to house, but are generally between 10 EUR and 20 EUR.

Are there no verification sports betting websites in Belgium?


Yes, in fact, plenty of the houses we mentioned above are also excellent sportsbooks!

Can I use a VPN with no KYC casinos in Belgium?


Consult the customer support of the casino, though you should know most houses disallow the use of VPNs!


Bottom line

At the end of our exhaustive article, we hope that we have managed to do justice to the interesting and varied world of Belgian no verification casinos. And if we have also managed to show you your new favorite place to bet, we would be very happy! But either way, we at CasinoNoVerification wish you the best of luck with your bets, no matter where they are placed. Stay safe when gambling and remember to have fun while being responsible, too!

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Last Updated: March 21, 2024

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