No verification casinos UAE

Navigating the online gambling world of the United Arab Emirates is a pretty tough task! The country currently has outlawed it entirely. That said, slots, table games and any kinds of betting are as popular there as they are anywhere else. And it seems like the Emirati government sees that, too. In September of 2023, it created a brand new gambling regulatory body. So, even though it is not clear what that body will do, it seems like casinos are set on a trend towards regulation.

At the time being, though, casino enjoyers in the country need alternative means of accessing their games discreetly. One of their favorites is casinos without verification. These houses collect little information on the player.

And so, they provide a fairly risk-free means of play. This article is dedicated to just that, the best UAE casinos which fill this niche! We will first look at the top online gambling houses among them. But that's not all, as we will also take a deep dive into everything else you'd need to know about no verification casinos in the country. So, let's get started:

The best casinos in the Emirates without verification for withdrawals at a glance:

Casino Name  Verification required to sign up?  Launched in:  Number of games: 
Revolution Casino No KYC required 2023 5100+
Sportuna Does not need you to provide verification 2022 7200+
5 Gringos Fast sign up without verification 2020 3000+
Nomini No verification required 2019 9000+
My Empire KYC-free, easy sign up 2023 4000+
Joker8 No verification to sign up 2023 6200+
Rabona Does not require any KYC checks 2019 2000+
Joker8 Casino

Welcome bonus

100% Up to €/$500 + 200 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Revolution Casino

Welcome bonus

$€500 + 100 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

MyEmpire Casino

Welcome bonus

450% up to $€800 + 300 free spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

Spinanga Casino

Welcome bonus

€$500 + 200 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies


Payout rate

The top seven UAE casinos without KYC for verification, reviewed:

We have given you a brief outline of the best no ID check for withdrawal casinos in the United Arab Emirates. Now, let's examine each of them in a bit more detail, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses:

Revolution Casino Review

Casino Name  Revolution Casino
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  Credit cards, Binance Pay, MiFinity, Cash2Code, Jeton, MuchBetter, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Bank transfers, MiFinity, Jeton, MuchBetter, Crypto
Licensed?  Antillephone license (Curacao)

The first house on our list is called Revolution casino. It not only allows its players to access a robust sportsbook , but also play thousands of Slots, Table Games and so on. Even though Revolution Casino was launched rather recently, we do believe it has quite a bit of promise! And when it comes to verification, there's no need to worry about it when signing up, playing or cashing out.

Revolution Casino Review

Speaking of signing up, that is a very quick and easy process. Revolution casino brags that it can open you an account in under a minute, and we certainly believe that's possible! The only pieces of personal info you have to share with the house are your name, address and your contact information: a phone and email. This is pretty much the bare minimum nowadays! The casino does need to comply with anti-money laundering regulation, because it is licensed. However, you don't need to worry about it needing you to submit any documents to clear this process.

Players from the UAE will also be able to cash in via a variety of payment methods. Unfortunately, deposits in your domestic currency, the Dirham, are not possible. But you will be able to do so in either Euro or US Dollars, two convenient alternatives! The minimum deposit with this casino is just 10 euro or dollars. In general, that's about as low as such minimums get! As for the payment methods, you can take a pick between several highly anonymous ways of cashing in. Between various crypto tokens and Binance Pay, as well as many e-wallets and even pre-paid vouchers, there's a lot of ways to cash in while protecting your privacy.

And since withdrawals are available without any need for additional verification, you can expect them to be highly discreet too. The minimum withdrawal is the same as the minimum deposit, too. The payment methods you can use include all the crypto tokens you could cash in with. But they also include the full range of e-wallets, or even bank transfers. All of that makes Revolution Casino a very competitive and safe place to bet for any Emirati who is concerned with their privacy.

Revolution Casino

Online since: 2023


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Sportuna Casino Review

Casino Name  Sportuna
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  MiFinity, Credit cards, Cash2Code, Jeton, MuchBetter, Binance Pay, Crypto
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer, Jeton, MuchBetter, MiFinity, Crypto
Licensed?  Yes, licensed in Curacao

True to its name, Sportuna is an excellent sports betting website. However, it is so much more! The house has an incredibly vast amount of games for its players – over 7000. Among them are some of the top slots in the Emirates, and the world in general. As for verification, you don't need to worry about needing to pass any KYC checks. Neither when signing up nor when withdrawing! The casino only collects the bare minimum of personal information we mentioned with regards to the previous house.

Sportuna Casino Review

Additionally, the same competitive deposit and withdrawal minimum is available here. You need to cash in 10 EUR or USD, and can cash out the same amount too. The payment methods include a pretty robust variety of payment methods. UAE players will have access to deposits via Jeton, MuchBetter and MiFinity. There are also various crypto tokens to cash in with. Or, if you would prefer, it is also possible to deposit with Binance Pay. That is a convenient means of accessing crypto payments, preferred by casino enjoyers who don't want to deal with the complexities of digital assets.

What does cashing out look like? Well, you don't need to submit any further documentation, for one, which is great! Secondly, you can cash out using the same range of crypto tokens: Between BTC and DOGE, there are lots of either major or altcoins you could use. Unfortunately, the casino does not process withdrawals to Binance. As for FIAT withdrawals, those are possible with either of the e-wallets we previously mentioned. Or you could also cash out using a bank transfer. Please note that these transfers have a significantly higher minimum withdrawal amount. It is only possible to cash out upwards of $55 with them. Since the casino needs to perform an international bank transfer for them, that makes sense, but we would still avoid them personally!


Online since: 2023


5 Gringos Casino Review

Casino Name  5Gringos
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  Credit cards, Cash2Code, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, Binance Pay
Withdrawal methods MiFinity, Bank transfer, Much Better, Jeton, Crypto
Licensed?  Licensed by Curacao's Antillephone

Next on our list is a casino with a lot of personality. It is called 5Gringos, and is Mexican themed. The titular Gringos are all available as mascots in the casino. And during sign-up you can pick one of them as your own mascot. This also determines the Welcome bonus you will get, so it can be a bit of a tough choice.

5Gringos Casino Review

Aside from that unique feature, there's also a bunch of Heists you could clear. To do so, you need to complete Missions. These can be either playing a certain game for a certain amount of time, cashing in or something else entirely. The missions keep players on their toes, and help them build up the tools required for the Gringos to perform the heist. Pulling one off successfully will reward you with a high amount of Bonus cash or Free Spins.

And if those two features weren't enough, there's even more: The casino has a unique shooting range minigame. The more you play and cash in, the more of its in-house currency you will be able to gather. This currency is called Bullets. You can use them in the shooting range, and collecting enough Bullets will enable you to enter the range and try and score a reward.

Of course, being on this list means that the casino does not collect any documents from its Emirati players. As a result you can set up your account and cash in within a couple of minutes of landing on the website. We find that to be quite great! What's more, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are set to the low values of 10 Euro or Dollars. The payment methods you can use are the usual suspects – a mix between credit cards, prepaid Cash2Code vouchers and a couple of e-wallets. The e-wallets are MiFinity, MuchBetter and Jeton. Binance Pay is available as a means of crypto deposit. Note that direct crypto deposits cannot be performed to the casino.

So, we can easily recommend this no verification casino to anyone in the UAE. We believe it is one of the most unique experiences you can have in an online gambling house, and love it because of said originality!

5 Gringos Casino

Online since: 2020


Nomini Casino Review

Casino Name  Nomini
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  Cash2Code, Credit cards, Binance Pay, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfers, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, Crypto
Licensed?  Regulated by a Curacao license issuer

Nomini is another casino with a unique theme. However, unlike the previous house, the theme is a lot lighter. That is because Nomini is a Fruth-themed online gambling house. What does that mean? Well, there are a bunch of animated fruit mascots: Cherries, Broccoli and so on, which you can pick between when making your account. Similar to the previous house, this will enable you to get different bonuses.

Nomini Casino Review

The design of the website is also very bright and colorful which we love! It is very easy to navigate and fully translated to Arabic. Browsing it in your native tongue will make it even easier to sign up and play. Speaking of signing up, the casino has made that a very easy process, and one which requires very little in the way of personal information at that! You just need to enter your name, address, email and phone number. Also, the casino needs your birthday, because it takes underage gambling seriously and works to prevent it!

But since you don't need to verify any of that info, we feel comfortable placing this in our list of no KYC casinos. The same is true when it comes to either deposits or withdrawals, too. This leads us to our next point about the casino, which is once again in its favor! The payment conditions it has to offer are great, and the variety of methods of depositing here is pretty impressive overall. Deposits are possible via three e-wallets, or pre-paid vouchers. You can even use credit cards! Binance Pay is the casino's crypto payment method.

Withdrawals are quick, processed within up to 72 hours, as per the casino's Terms and Conditions. They are also possible via the e-wallets we mentioned, or direct crypto transactions. Then you can also cash out using a bank transfer, too. All of that makes the current casino a fresh and reliable choice for any UAE player!

Nomini Casino

Online since: 2019


MyEmpire Casino Review

Casino Name  My Empire
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  MuchBetter, MiFinity, Jeton, Cash2Code, Binance Pay, Credit cards, Crypto
Withdrawal methods MuchBetter, Jeton, Bank transfer, MiFinity, Crypto
Licensed?  Antillephone-issued license

My Empire is the third casino in our list with a very unique theme. It is an Ancient Roman themed house. As you can see, the United Arab Emirate online gaming sector is very vibrant and diverse, regardless of the government's stance towards it. Either way, back to My Empire. It goes without saying that you will be able to sign up to the casino without needing to worry about verification. The process of opening an account is made very simple, and so, it has also been made very quick!

MyEmpire Casino Review

Furthermore, there are a bunch of payment methods you can use with the casino. The ones which we recommend to privacy-minded players are Cash2Code vouchers and the e-wallets the casino features. They include MuchBetter, MiFinity and Jeton. Of course, crypto payments are also welcome, via either a direct transfer or Binance Pay.

Cashing out is possible with bank transfers and all of these e-wallets. Furthermore, there are also crypto transfers you can use to withdraw.

We would like to briefly mention the unique theme of the casino. The more you play here, the more Gems you can gather. This is the in-house currency of My Empire, which is used in the My Empire menu. It gives you a bird's eye view of your very own ancient city. You can build it from the ground up, using the Gems to purchase various buildings. They are combined in 21 districts, of 3 buildings each. Finishing a district awards you with a nice cash bonus. So the accomplishment of having created a unique town is not the only reward for engaging with the casino!

This house might be the only one out there which has combined a city-building game with an online casino. We love that kind of experimentation, and believe that UAE players will, too!

MyEmpire Casino

Online since: 2023


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Joker8 Casino Review

Casino Name  Joker8
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  MiFinity, Jeton, MuchBetter, Cash2Code, Binance Pay, Credit Cards
Withdrawal methods MuchBetter, Jeton, MiFinity, Bank Transfer, Crypto
Licensed?  Regulated in Curacao

Launched in 2023, Joker8 is another recent addition to the online gambling sphere of the Emirates. It features a very colorful website, which greets players with a unique Cabaret theme. This is emphasized by the Stars collection feature. Who are these Stars? Well, the unique mascots of the casino. As with some of the other houses we have already mentioned, you can pick one when making your account. This will determine the bonus you will receive.

Joker8 Casino Review

More importantly, the Cabaret world feature is a very unique system the casino has implemented. The more you play and cash in, the further your mascot will be able to progress through it. There are several Stages they can play on, and doing so will unlock special bonuses which you can play with. Overall, this is definitely a take on the VIP programs of casinos which we believe will make Joker8 stand out quite a lot.

As for actually playing there, this does require you to make an account. Not to worry, though! Doing so is a very quick and easy process. That is partially because of the lack of verification requirements to deal with! Signing up here is as simple as just filling out the form which you can find on the website of the casino. Filling said form out takes a couple of minutes at most, and the house just requires you to submit some very basic information on who you are, where you are playing from. Also, you need to be over 18 years old to access its website!

Provided you sign up, you will have access to a bunch of the best payment methods in the UAE to deposit with. Among them are e-wallets like MiFinity, Jeton and MuchBetter, as well as Cash2Code and Binance Pay. Withdrawals do not require any more verification, and can be performed with the same low minimum amount of 10 Euro or US Dollars which is set for deposits, too. Cashing out is possible via bank transfers, the e-wallets we mentioned and crypto.

Joker8 Casino

Online since: 2024


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Rabona Casino Review

Casino Name  Rabona
Accepted currencies Euro, US Dollar
Min. Deposit  $10/€10
Min. Withdrawal  $10/€10
Deposit methods  Jeton, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Cash2Code, Credit cards, Binance Pay
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfers, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, Crypto
Licensed?  Antillephone license

Last but not least, Rabona is a staple of the UAE gambling sector. Why do we believe that? Well, it has been around since 2019. At the time of writing, this means it has a five-year history of an excellent service to Emirates! Also, we like that the website of the house feels very modern, on par with the newest casinos on the list. It has a fairly sleek website design, which is distinct with its bright colors.

Rabona Casino Review

Rabona also features no KYC requirements for players to deal with! Once they sign up, they can just cash in and play, without dealing with any additional hassle. Signing up is as easy as it is with any of the casinos on this list. You can do so by providing the house with the usual amount of information: Your contacts, your name and age. And you don't have to worry about KYC checks at later times, too.

Depositing is fairly simple, with a competitive minimum amount of just 10 EUR/USD. And, as you can imagine, there are tons of payment methods to use! Between e-wallets, e-vouchers and crypto, via BinancePay, the casino supports a very big range of discreet means of payment to pick from. Withdrawals are possible with no further verification and the same low minimum. However, credit cards and Cash2Code cannot be used to withdraw. Of course, this is normal. But the same great range of e-wallets is available to UAE players on cashing out!

We also like the Sportsbook of the house. Not only does it let you pick between thousands of events, with a surprising amount of live betting action supported, but it also lets you use a couple of Special features, too. For instance, if you have bet on a game that ends in a 0-0 draw, and would lose the bet, the casino will refund it for you.

There are a couple more of these features, but they can truly take your sports betting experience to the next level!

Rabona Casino

Online since: 2019


Why should players from the UAE trust CasinoNoVerification's reviews?


Safety comes first!

Even though online gambling is outlawed in the Emirates, that does not mean the casinos we recommend have to be unlicensed. We seek out and highlight only licensed houses, which can provide you guarantees for your safety, as well as the legitimacy of the player!


Experience navigating gambling in the UAE

Between all of us, at CasinoNoVerification, we share decades of experience with online casinos in the UAE. As we said at the start, it is actually rather complex to actually navigate that. But we believe we put our experience to good use, when it comes to helping players find the best, most competitive and safest places online to bet in!


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There are thousands of online casinos out there. At CasinoNoVerification, we aim at helping you separate the good ones from the ones you should avoid. That is why we not only cover the newest casino launches in the UAE, but also make sure to recommend only the houses we would feel comfortable playing in ourselves!


No KYC casinos in the United Arab Emirates: the basics explained

No KYC casinos are found in every country in the world. There are lots of players who pick them over more stringent houses. But what is verification, and why do some casinos require it? Well, verification is just what it sounds like: The process of making sure that the casino knows that it is dealing with a player who is of legal gambling age. It is also used to combat money-laundering and provide a couple of responsible gambling options.

So, it is fair to say that verification does pursue a lot of legitimate goals. At the same time, it does have some definite drawbacks, which make players want to avoid it. Some people don't want copies of the very personal documents, which are necessary for verification, to be collected in the databases of the casinos they play in. That presents a security risk for them! Also, verification does mean it might take longer for you to be able to cash in, play, and cash out of a casino.

In the Emirates, all of the online casinos you have access to are based outside of the country. Some of them do require players to submit their documents, and pass KYC checks. However, given the stance of the UAE towards online gambling, this can put you at risk. This provides us with another reason why players from the country prefer casinos without ID checks.

And there are more than enough of them available. But since most no KYC casinos tend to have lower amounts of regulation over them, you need to be careful picking where to play! Otherwise, you might end up in a less competitive or even unsafe gambling houses. Don't worry, though! There are a lot of ways to sift through online casinos! Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to help with that:


Staying safe and picking the best no verification casino in the UAE: Tips and tricks

Below are the six surefire tricks that Emirati players use to determine whether a casino is worth their time or not:

  • Get a professional opinion: First off, you can not only find new casinos in review websites like this one. You can also usually find a detailed and balanced overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the casinos, by the writer of the article.
  • Do not hesitate to obtain a second opinion: Make sure you check multiple reviews of the same casino before signing up there. This is important, because everyone has some sort of bias! Getting a second opinion will help account for that, and paint a fuller picture of the UAE casino you are interested in playing in!
  • Ask your fellow UAE players about the casino: This is another way to get a fuller picture of the casino. But the opinions players have on casinos are sometimes even more valuable than the ones of reviewers! They can shed light into specific issues with the house which have been missed by the review. Also, players tend to be a lot more critical of casinos! If there is a majority negative sentiment among players, then you can expect the casino to be bad.
  • Verify the license of the house: Licensed casinos are much safer than unlicensed ones. But there are some shady houses which present players with fake licenses. Sure enough, that's rare. At the same time it is such a serious issue that we would recommend verifying the regulatory status of any casino before setting up your account with it!
  • Get familiar with the Terms and Conditions: The vast majority of players nowadays completely glance over the legal documents of the casinos they deal with. However, we believe that's a bad practice. The Terms and Conditions outline everything you need to know about the house. If they are not present on its website, or if they lack information about deposits or withdrawals, that can help you determine the house is not a good place to bet on. On the other hand, if there is a full set of conditions which outline what playing in the casino is like, you can be sure it's a great place to bet! Bonus points if the legal documents are available in Arabic!
  • Make sure you have your documents ready: Now, the whole point of our current article is providing you with casinos which do not require verification. But every house out there nowadays might make you verify your account. And there can be legitimate reasons for that, too. So, the best way to make sure you don't have any issues when it comes to verification, you just need to make sure you can actually pass the KYC check. Here's what that means in terms of the documents casinos tend to require:
Documents (1)

What kind of documents do players in the UAE might need to verify their accounts?

As we said, the goal of verification is generally establishing that players are of legal age. However, it can also be used to combat money laundering and other financial crimes. This reflects the documents that casinos in the Emirates collect, too! These documents are either meant to establish who you are, or that you hold certain accounts. Here is what documents might be expected of players for each of these reasons:

ID verification documents:

  • Emirates national ID Card: This document, issued by the Federal authorities in the UAE is the most common requirement to establish your identity. However, the way you present it to the casino is very important. All four corners of the document must be visible. And you need to take pictures of both of its sides. Needless to say, the ID must be valid! You cannot use an old ID card. Also, all of the text on it should be legible.
  • Passport: Similar to the ID card, this is a document which can certify that you are of legal gambling age. And similar to the card, it needs to be valid for the casino to accept it. Similar requirements apply to the picture of it you need to take, too.

Proof of account ownership documents:

The specific document here will depend on the type of payment method you are trying to use. Let's take a look at them one by one:

  • Credit Cards: To deposit with a credit card, you will sometimes be asked to verify you are the account holder of the card. The casino will need you to take pictures of it with the same requirements as with the ID card. The only difference is that you need to cover certain parts of the card numbers, for safety reasons. The name of the card holder must match the one from your ID!
  • Bank transfers: Sometimes, before processing a withdrawal to a bank account, UAE online casinos might ask you for a bank statement. This document can be obtained very easily, from any branch of the bank you are a client of!
  • E-wallets: To deposit with an e-wallet, or to cash out to one, you might actually be asked to provide you are the holder of the account with the wallet. That is usually done by you taking a screenshot from the e-wallet's website, or its app, which shows your name as the account holder. Said name must match the ID you provide the house with.
Verification Approval

How does the verification process in the UAE usually go?

As you probably noticed, there are a lot of different documents which the casino might ask of you to come up with. Luckily enough, once you do that, you can generally expect to pass the KYC process without any significant issues. However, it's worth mentioning that you can be asked to either submit additional documents or clearer pictures of the ones you have already handed over.

The most important question to answer here is just how long the process takes. Unfortunately, there's no way to do that! Every casino in the UAE follows its own policies, which means that verification will take different amounts of time. Sometimes, casinos do list the maximum timeframe in which the process is completed. But usually, that is done in a very vague, and honestly, unhelpful way! Casinos set very wide amounts of time, which make it rather difficult to know how long you actually have to wait. We have also seen these amounts reach over 30 days, which is clearly unreasonable.

Another important question is this: At what point can you be asked to submit your documents? The answer is that casinos can ask for your ID at the following points:

  • When making an account: Some regulatory bodies make sure that casinos check the IDs of all of their players when they make an account, to deter underage gambling. We agree with the goal of the policy, but the verification process is sometimes just unreasonably long, which we cannot get behind.
  • When cashing in: Similarly, some regulators ask for verification before you deposit. Also, it is at this point that you might need to verify you are the owner of the payment method you want to use. Finally, you might be asked to pass a KYC check once your total deposited amount reaches a certain sum of money.
  • Before withdrawing: Casinos sometimes ask you to verify your age before withdrawing. If they have not done so before deposits, we believe this to be a bit of a shady tactic. It seems less like the casino cares about combating underage gambling and money laundering, and more about delaying your withdrawals.
  • At any point: Pretty much any casino nowadays has a clause in its Terms and Conditions which allows it to examine player accounts which are suspected in illegitimate betting strategies or bonus abuse. However, the definitions of what both of these are can sometimes be a bit too broad!

Table of contents

What types of no KYC casinos exist in the United Arab Emirates?

What types of no KYC casinos exist in the United Arab Emirates_With all of the hassles of verification, it's no wonder players in the UAE seek no KYC casinos. There are a couple more types of them which we should mention, too. Here is what those are, as well as a couple of great examples of each of them:

No verification crypto casinos in the UAE

Crypto is a payment method which is synonymous with anonymity. It provides a very high degree of it, which makes it perfect for any player who might not want to overshare their personal information with a casino. So, let's take a look at the best crypto casinos in the Emirates which do not require you to verify your account:

Crypto-friendly casino name Year established Number of games
BC.Game 2017 8000+
Wazamba 2019 5000+ 2021 5000+ 2023 1500+
HellSpin 2022 3200+

Casinos in the UAE to deposit using FIAT without verification

And, if you wish to cash in to your favorite no KYC casino in the Emirates with FIAT, here's a bunch of these houses, too:

Casino Name  FIAT payment methods available 
Wazamba  Cash2Code, Credit cards, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton
Bizzo EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, Credit Cards, PaysafeCard
Bof Casino Credit Cards, MiFinity, Jeton, eZeeWallet, Revolut, ApplePay, CashLib, FlexePin
Pribet  EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, MuchBetter, Credit Cards, PaysafeCard

No ID check instant withdrawal casinos in the UAE

Noone likes waiting around for their money! In this section, we would like to highlight the casinos in the Emirates with the fastest withdrawals. Please note, said casinos generally have instant withdrawals, but delays are always possible. Most of the time they are not by any fault of the casino, instead, they are because of things outside of its control. So, you should keep that in mind!

  • BC.Game: No verification instant withdrawals
  • HellSpin: Same-hour FIAT and crypto cash outs
  • Instant crypto withdrawals without ID checks

In which casino can I get the highest bonuses in the UAE?

Players in the UAE have access to some very high bonuses by no verification casinos. Let's take a look at what the top five of those promotions have to offer:

  • Loki Casino: 125% Welcome bonus up to 6000 EUR + 100 FS
  • Playfast Casino: 140% initial deposit bonus up to €1500
  • Zodiac Bet: Up to €1000 100% Welcome bonus plus 150 Free Spins
  • Pribet: Massive 100% Welcome bonus of up to a thousand Euro and 100 Free Spins
  • Let's Lucky: Up to €750 with a 150% Welcome Bonus + 100 FS

Three more United Arab Emirates casinos without verification for withdrawals

There are a couple more casinos in the UAE that don't require verification. They were overshadowed by the excellent houses we covered before, so, let's examine them as well:

Wazamba: No KYC withdrawals within 3 days
Bizzo: Quick withdrawals without KYC checks No verification crypto withdrawals

Best casinos in the Emirates without KYC for deposits

To round out the different types of casinos without verification, here's a bunch of UAE casinos which don't require verification on cashing in:

  • Loki Casino: Seamless deposits without any KYC hassle
  • Pribet: Convenient means of deposit without verification
  • Let's Lucky: Top up your account fast without verification

What are Fast and easy verification casinos and are they an alternative to no KYC ones in the UAE?

A bit of a trend we are seeing in online casinos is them moving towards requiring less and less of their players in terms of verification. This has given raise to an entirely new type of casino – the Fast and easy verification online gambling house. They are present in the Emirates, too, and provide a unique balance between the strengths of casinos which require verification and the ones which do not. Here is how:

Fast and easy verification casinos have several means of speeding up their KYC processes. First off, they have clear instructions for the player when to submit which documents. They can then have staff available to verify you 24/7 or even use complex software to automate the process. Either way, the result is the same! Players are able to get verified in minutes. That eliminates one of the main issues with casinos which require verification, that being, the longer waiting times. And it also introduces hurdles in front of minors gambling, which are not otherwise available. At the same time, they don't solve the discomfort players can sometimes feel when playing in a casino which asks them for too much of their personal info.

But either way, they present players with a very unique service, which we believe deserves your attention. So, here are the leading Fast and Easy verification casinos in the UAE:

  • PlayFast: True to its name, this house has incredibly fast verification
  • FireSpins: Same-day ID check process
  • Hell Spin: Simple and straightforward KYC check

The best payment methods for Emiratis to use in no verification casinos

Some payment methods provide players with a higher degree of anonymity. Usually, they don't require KYC as often, too. For players in the UAE who wish to play in online casinos, that is very important. This is because of the strict ban on online casinos which you have to deal with. So, let's take a look at the best ways of cashing in to online casinos from the country:


Pre-paid cards

This is the best way to deposit using FIAT currencies, as it provides you with total anonymity. There are a couple of popular prepaid cards, sometimes called e-vouchers, which Emirati casinos accept. These are Cash2Code, Flexepin, Neosurf and more. Using them is as simple as purchasing the voucher online and entering its unique code when depositing with the casino. The minimum deposit requirements for these vouchers are usually around 10 EUR or USD, but they can be as high as €20/$20.

The main downside to using prepaid cards is that you cannot withdraw to them. Instead, you will have to use another payment method. It would be most beneficial to do that via an e-wallet. We will mention e-wallets a bit later on, as they are also an excellent choice if you are looking to avoid KYC checks. Back to pre-paid cards, though, they have another issue. Usually, the maximum value of each of them is just around €100 or $100. This might make higher deposits to casinos inconvenient.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether


One of the most common ways to deposit to online casinos nowadays, in the UAE, but also globally, is via Crypto. Emiratis who know how to set up their crypto wallets and perform transactions with them are able to do so with most casinos. In fact, there's not a single house we mentioned so far which does not at least accept BTC.

Cryptocurrencies were made to be anonymous, so it's no wonder they are among the favorite payment methods of Emirati players. They also usually have lower minimum deposits and higher maximum amounts you can cash in. On the other hand, they do have their own challenges and downsides, which you will need to overcome if you want to use them.

The first and most serious of those is the higher complexity of crypto payments as compared to some other means of deposit. They generally need you to know what you are doing! Also, there are miner fees to deal with. Every transaction on the blockchain is facilitated by a crypto miner. And said miners collect fees, as a reward.

Finally, crypto is very volatile and there is a real chance that cashing out to a FIAT currency will be at a different rate than the one used to deposit. This means you can end up with less money. Despite all of these flaws, crypto is a great way to deposit, and one which is used by more and more players these days.



Finally, e-wallets are convenient and anonymous ways to cash in to your favorite UAE casinos. They are just what their name implies – virtual wallets where you can keep your money and spend it. You don't need to provide the casino with your banking information. Instead, you can use the unique number of the e-wallet. Also, some e-wallets like MuchBetter allow you to set up several of these numbers too, for an even higher level of anonymity.

The most popular e-wallets in the UAE in 2023 are PayPal, Careem, ApplePay and so on. However, casinos tend to accept Skrill, Neteller, as well as Jeton, MiFinity and MuchBetter. Setting up an account with either one of them is very easy, though. The deposit and withdrawal minimums with them tend to be around $20, or €20.

The downsides to using the wallets are not only their rather higher minimum deposit amounts. They also have certain fees. Said fees are different for every wallet, but they can be charged when you top up your account, when you deposit and so on. Of course, said fees are different between every e-wallet. So, make sure you are aware of them if you wish to deposit to no KYC casinos in the Emirates using them!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing in no KYC casinos in the UAE?

So far, we have mentioned a lot of the advantages and downsides of using the services of no KYC casinos in the UAE in passing. But in this section of our article, we would like to summarize them:

Pros of no KYC UAE casinos:

  • Higher degree of anonymity: The fact you don't have to present the house with your ID means you can enjoy your favorite games more discreetly.
  • Large game libraries: Most no KYC casinos in the UAE are run by international companies. This means they have access to larger libraries of games than other casinos!
  • Faster account opening: There's no need to wait around to be verified, so you can play right away.
  • Quick Deposit processing: The lack of pre-deposit verification requirements means players can cash in faster.
  • Same-day withdrawals: Similar to the previous point, no verification casinos in the Emirates tend to process withdrawals very fast!
  • Respect for player privacy: It is completely reasonable to be hesitant about sharing so much personal information with online casinos. We are happy there are casinos out there which respect that!


Cons of no KYC UAE casinos:

  • No prevention for minor gambling: Without a mandatory KYC check, there's no way to ensure players will not be underage. There's no way around that!
  • Arabic language might not be available: Due to the fact that no KYC casinos are based outside of the UAE, there's no way to know if they will localize their websites in your native tongue.


red flags

Five red flags Emirati players should look out for in no ID check casinos

There are a couple of ways to tell that a certain casino without verification is not a good place for you to gamble. This section is dedicated to just that: The way UAE players have come up with of making sure a casino is legitimate by watching out for the following red flags:

  • Unprofessional-looking website: One of the most common issues with illegitimate casinos is actually how poor their website designs are. There are sometimes graphics, or whole pages which do not load. Most of these illegitimate casinos are actually hastily put together, so there is no effort that has gone into creating a good website. Therefore, looking out for these poorly made websites makes sense as a way to avoid shady gambling houses.
  • No Terms and Conditions: We previously mentioned that a robust set of Terms and Conditions is generally a sign a casino knows what it's doing. So, if there is no mention of what withdrawals will look like, for instance, that is a red flag. Not knowing what the policies around cashing out can be can mean surprises in the shape of fees, for example.
  • A fake license: Casinos without a license are not recommended as a place to play. However, what's even worse than an unlicensed casino is a casino which actually lies about its regulation and pretends to be licensed. That is indicative of a house which is willing to deceive its player, and is probably the biggest red flag of them all!
  • Negative feelings within UAE players: As we said before, player sentiment is a potent tool of determining whether a casino is legitimate or not. So, if there are many negative reviews by players of the house, you need to avoid it. Chances are, you will run into the same issues as the other casino enthusiasts before you!
  • Inaccessible customer support: Most disputes between casinos and players are solved by the Customer support of the houses. If there is no reasonable way to reach the casino, that shows it does not care about resolving said issues!

Message from the author of “No verification casinos UAE”

Having reviewed all of the casinos you have read about so far, I would like to share a couple of my thoughts about them. Personally, I am a firm believer in digital privacy, and avoid handing out information about myself to anyone online. That is why I am such a fan of casinos which respect that!
Such houses are available in pretty much any country in the world. But I believe the ones in the United Arab Emirates really stand out. Whether that is because of the strict domestic rules of online gambling or not, the houses I covered were able to provide me with a lot of excellent features. Not only was signing up there very easy for me, and not only did I consider their payment methods to be incredibly fair. The houses had very appealing website design, and unique themes. And there were so many of them which were distinct, colorful and vibrant, that I actually feel a bit jealous of players in the Emirates!
I am sure you will have a load of fun with the houses I have listed out for you! Covering them was a pretty great time, and I would personally feel great playing there.

responsible gambling

Are there responsible gambling options in UAE casinos without verification?

One of the major downsides of online gambling not being regulated in the Emirates at all is that there are no responsible gambling options available domestically. But the majority of no KYC houses nowadays are licensed. And even though their offshore licenses are less strict, enabling them to forego ID checks, there are still some responsible gambling options they entitle players to. Here's what they are:

  • Self-exclusion: There are usually means of taking control of your casino spending via self-exclusion measures. These can be setting custom account limits, for instance, on deposits. Sometimes, you can enable a time-out period, too. Or you could even close down your account if you feel that is necessary!
  • Online help: Another aspect of the commitment of licensed casinos to ensuring a safe gambling environment is ensuring that players can seek help, if they should need it. That is possible via a variety of different help-lines, which you can generally access right from the website of the casino. Also, houses need to enable you to educate yourself on what problem gambling can look like, as a way of preventive care against it!

Frequently asked questions about no KYC casinos in the Emirates

Let's take a look at a couple of the most frequently asked questions by players from the UAE with regards to online casinos:

Is it really illegal to play in online casinos in the UAE?


Yes! That is something we need to be very clear about. And we don't like that fact either! Hopefully, this will change with the introduction of the regulatory body we mentioned at the start. However, at the time of writing, playing in online casinos is against the law.

Can I trust that the casino will not reveal I have been playing there to the police?


Since the penalties for running a casino in the Emirates are much harsher than they are for playing in one, there's no reason for a house to do that!

Can I use a VPN with no KYC casinos?


That is often the best way to play in the Emirates. VPS are used very often there. But you should know that some casinos don't like them – they can confiscate your winnings if you are caught using them. That is why it is so important to get familiar with the Terms and Conditions of each casino you want to play in!

Which games can I play in no KYC casinos in the UAE?


You can generally expect to find all kinds of games, and even sports to bet in. Every house has its own library, so a specific Slot might not be present, though!

Can I get a bonus in a casino without verification?


Yes! We have even highlighted some of the best bonuses no ID check casinos offer to players from the UAE!


Bottom line

Overall, as challenging as it is to find a good no verification casino in the UAE, there are many such options. We hope that we have managed to outline one of them you will like within this exhaustive article. And if we have managed to answer your questions about them too, we will be even happier! In either case, have fun and remember to play responsibly!

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Last Updated: March 12, 2024

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